Throwback Thursday with Qi Yuwu in Melbourne

On the set of The Dream Makers 2: How did the new dad cope with his first overseas work trip since the arrival of baby Qi?


Video: Vina Chia

DIRECT FROM MELBOURNE: A 20-strong team consisting of cast and crew members of Channel 8’s The Dream Makers 2 flew to the land of kangaroos to film certain key scenes in the 32-episode drama series for two weeks in September. And Toggle was part of the entourage from start to finish: we got to breathe the same air, sleep under the same roof, and had equally early call times too – but that’s another story for another day.

Each week, starting today, we’ll be featuring one of the six celebrities who travelled down under with us, as part of a special ‘Dream Makers 2’ #throwbackthursday series. In the spotlight this week is new dad Qi Yuwu, who spoke extensively about his longing for his wife, Joanne Peh, and their two-month-old daughter, baby Qi, as both mother and daughter celebrated their first Mid-Autumn Festival at home “without papa”.

While he isn’t worried about the situation at home, especially since Joanne is coping well for a first-time mum, Ah Wu let on he’d hoped to be at home to help lighten her load in any way possible, especially since the both of them are very hands on and self-reliant parents.

“This is the first time I’m away from her (Joanne) since the baby’s arrival,” he shared, “And I feel that Joanne needs support and help, especially during this period of time. It’s been quite tough and I could not bear to be away.”

So what did he do to try to make up for his absence?

Apart from daily video calls and text messages, Ah Wu also shopped up a storm during what little free time he had and in between takes, too, and bought “a fair bit of clothing” for his little princess – not including kitchenware (“crockery like plates and cups” he told us) and a few (we mean, three) chopping boards he lugged back to Singapore for his culinary adventures at home.

Yuwu and Rui En's drama characters doing a wedding shoot in Melbourne.

So satisfied with his shopping haul, the cooking aficionado later enthused that he was able to tell the tree’s age by the rings on the whole piece of wood that was made into a chopping board too.

Being away is difficult, but when you have to travel for work – you don’t have much of a choice, the actor conceded, during an interview with Toggle, at a stable across the Yarra Valley Lodge.

Instead of brooding over being continents apart from his wife and daughter, he quipped, “Maybe this imperfection is perfection in itself – because it brings about longing and in turn, the love becomes treasured and precious.”

And this is coming from the man who tells us tulips are one of his favourite flowers without realising the flower language behind it. In case you’re wondering, tulips are second to roses when it comes to signifying love and romance, which probably explains for Ah Wu’s fixation with it, as seen during a day trip with the media, when he decided to tape a bunch of tulips immersed in a bottle of water to a car seat for “viewing pleasure”.

Guess that makes him a romantic realist.

Read on for more of Ah Wu’s little travel quirks as he shares with us the story behind his favourite picture of the trip which reminded him of his wife back in Singapore.

The Dream Makers 2 debuts December 4, 9 pm on Channel 8; it will be available on Toggle-It-First on November 26. Watch The Dream Makers 1 on Toggle.

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