Throwback Thursday with Zoe Tay in Melbourne

On the set of The Dream Makers 2: We find out the real reasons behind Ah Jie’s paparazzi antics

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DIRECT FROM MELBOURNE: A 20-strong team consisting of cast and crew members of Channel 8’s The Dream Makers 2 flew to the land of kangaroos to film certain key scenes in the 32-episode drama series for two weeks in September. And Toggle was part of the entourage from start to finish: we got to breathe the same air, sleep under the same roof, and had equally early call times too – but that’s another story for another day.

For this week’s special ‘Dream Makers 2’ #throwbackthursday series, the spotlight is on two esteemed veterans in the TV industry – Zoe Tay and Li Nanxing, who despite their seniority, are the jovial “mood makers” on set in Melbourne.

There’s never a dull moment with them around. Nanxing’s a walking jukebox, who, when not crooning random Mandopop songs of yore – replete with cheesy dance moves from the 80s and 90s, is busy pranking on his co-stars. Zoe, on the other hand, displayed paparazzo-behaviour unseen and unheard of, as she hawks around the set with mobile phone in hand, ready to pounce on any photo and video opportunity of her co-stars.

Case in point: when poor ol’ Romeo was doused in iced water for a scene in the drama, guess who was standing directly opposite him, waiting to film the one-take-only scene on her phone? Answer: Zoe.

We also accidentally overheard Ah Jie nagging at her co-stars to “Snapchat as much as possible” to maximise their data bundle. True story.


“When we got here, we bought a prepaid card that came with a lot of data,” laughed Zoe as she explained her kiasu mentality, “I should just make full use of it since I can never finish it!”

And that she did, during her pockets of free time, snapping pictures and videos of the hard-at-work production crew so that everyone would have “some form of keepsake” to remember their time spent in OZ land. Amazed by her own efforts too, Zoe marvelled in her interview with Toggle, “This is the first trip that I’ve taken the most amount of photos and videos.”

While they didn’t have much scenes together (except for the hot air balloon ride in Yarra Valley), when Zoe was not on set, “big brother” Nanxing would take over and play harmless pranks to spread cheer and good vibes around.

One minute he’d be singing his heart out and the next, he’d be creeping up on unsuspecting co-stars, like Romeo Tan and Jeanette Aw to give them a good scare – and everyone a good laugh.


“Everyone’s really tired and we wake up bright and early every morning. We have to move hotels after a few nights and have plenty of equipment to pack, load and unload… It’s tough work and that’s why I make them happy on set to keep their spirits up,” he shared, “When we are in good spirits, we’ll forget about how tired we are.”

Just how tired were they? In the words of Zoe, who recently got acquainted with the wonderful world of coffee – after a friend said it helps prevent dementia (“because it feels like I’m approaching that stage in life!”): “I usually only drink one cup a day, but for this trip, I drink two cups on a daily basis and I still sleep like a baby at night. I’m so tired I don’t even get a buzz from the caffeine.”

So is Ah Jie on the flat white or long black-camp?

“I prefer coffee with milk in it but yesterday someone told me that you need to drink all-black coffee with no milk or sugar – only that works best as a prevention against dementia!” she laughed.

Guess who’s a convert now? Welcome to the club, Zoe.

Ah Jie tells us more about her favourite picture of this trip on the next page. Read on for more.

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