Vanessa Vanderstraaten feels “a little bit” pressured to have kids

The FLY Entertainment artiste gets a taste of (fake) pregnancy on upcoming Channel 5 drama ‘Baby Bumps’

Vanessa Vanderstraaten feels “a little bit” pressured to have kids

Photos: Channel 5, Instagram

Vanessa Vanderstraaten says it has been “a strange year” for her, thanks to her roles in drama series Lion Moms and upcoming telemovie Baby Bumps, which airs on April 30 on Channel 5. In Lion Moms, she plays a single mother to a young boy; in Baby Bumps, she plays a woman who decides to pretend to be pregnant to see if it can change her scepticism about having children.

“Do I really look that old?” laughed the 27-year-old in an interview with Toggle.

On a more serious note, the FLY Entertainment artiste admitted that these projects, coupled with the fact that many of her friends recently got married or are expecting little ones of their own, have put “a little bit” of pressure on her to do so as well.

That is, until she tries to talk herself out of it. “I’m so not ready to have a child, like, it scares me,” she said, adding that the burden to move on to the next stage of her life is lessened due to the fact that her mother had her quite late, at the age of 36.

It also helps that her boyfriend of three years, actor and fellow FLY artiste Andrew Lua, is in no rush to tie the knot or have children. “I’m very grateful that he’s very understanding as well – it’s true that Monkeys (his Chinese zodiac) and Dragons (her Chinese zodiac) get along!”

In the meantime, any “good news” we hear from Vanessa will be purely related to her career instead. “I have a couple of projects in the works,” she told us. “I can’t say what they are yet but I’m creating online content. That’s my ‘good news’ – marriage, babies, that one another time lah! (laughs) I want to focus on other things right now.”

Vanessa Vanderstraaten feels “a little bit” pressured to have kids
Vanessa and her boyfriend Andrew (Photos from their respective Instagram accounts)

Baby Bumps premieres on April 30, 7.30pm on Channel 5.

Read on for more from Vanessa’s interview about Baby Bumps, what she personally thinks about motherhood, and more:

Toggle: Tell us about your role in Baby Bumps.
Vanessa: Tan Kaili is someone who is dealing with loss and her identity as a woman – she’s not sure about having children or if she even likes children, which comes into conflict with the expectations of her as a woman living in Singapore. Her loneliness drives her to a point where she’s desperate enough to pretend to be pregnant with a smiley face cushion to see if she can form a connection with this bump and if it changes her mind about being pregnant.

Was it more challenging to play a single mum in Lion Moms or a pretend-pregnant woman in Baby Bumps?
I don’t know which one was worse: pretending to be pregnant or pretending to love a kid! Lion Moms was more emotionally difficult but it was physically uncomfortable to wear the fake bump because it was a 2.5kg silicone belly that kept falling off me half the time, plus it made me sweat so it was icky and gross.

How long did you have to wear the fake bump every day?
I had to wear it for an average of eight hours a day, even when going to the bathroom or having lunch, because it takes two people to put it on or take it off.

What was it like having a (fake) baby bump?
It was weird, you know! It causes you to sit differently, and for some reason I could not stop rubbing it.

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