Veterans Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Aileen Tan take centre stage at SA2017

OLD IS GOLD: Chen Hanwei, Zoe Tay and Aileen Tan walked away with top acting honours at last night’s show

OLD IS GOLD: Veterans take centre stage at SA2017

Photos: Toggle, Lee Lay Na

Fellow Star Search 1988 graduates Chen Hanwei, Zoe Tay and Aileen Tan all walked away victorious at last night’s Star Awards ceremony when they scored Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively.

It was a particularly noteworthy occasion for buddies Zoe and Hanwei, who were picking up trophies together for the first time in 29 years. During their interview backstage, Hanwei claimed that he had a feeling that Zoe would triumph this year, and even urged her to prepare her acceptance speech.

Zoe, on the other hand, shared that she thought she had a 50 percent chance of winning her second Best Actress trophy since 1996 (for The Golden Pillow), and that she’s lost so many times – nine, to be exact – that she’s learned to treat every Star Awards event like a party and not expect too much out of her nominations. This year, her disappointments turned to delight as the 49-year-old beat Rui En, Jesseca Liu, Jeanette Aw and Rebecca Lim for the prize for her role as Wang Ruojun in You Can Be an Angel 2.

OLD IS GOLD: Veterans take centre stage at SA2017

Even after her victory last night, Zoe admitted that she wasn’t feeling too excited until Hanwei kept exclaiming, “I’m so happy for you!” spreading his infectious joy to her.

While he was ecstatic for his friend, Hanwei, who is adding his fifth Best Actor trophy (for his role as Zhang Naiping in The Gentlemen) to his impressive collection, remained modest about his own achievement. In fact, the 47-year-old admitted that he was disappointed that Andie Chen did not strike gold instead.

“I think this young man has a great work attitude, and if he had won today, everybody would be happy for him,” he shared. “I believe that one day, he will get his turn to stand on stage as a winner.”

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