Watch local celebs get Sabo-ed in new Toggle original series

Even Fandi Ahmad and Zoe Tay could not escape getting pranked

Watch local celebs get Sabo-ed in new Toggle original series

Along with our freshly revamped website, Toggle has launched a brand new original online programme Sabo today (Apr 6)!

Originated from the word “sabotage”, the Singlish term “sabo” refers to harmless pranks – which is exactly what the show is about: unsuspecting victims (local artistes) getting punk’d by the host, Gold 90.5FM DJ Mike Kasem, and their fellow celebrity pals. 

Viewers are guaranteed a hearty dose of wicked fun and laughter, as they will get to see the most authentic expressions of various local stars, such as Joaquim Gomez, Sonia Chew, Ian Fang, Shane Pow, Kimberly Chia, Jayley Woo, Kym Ng, Chen Hanwei and Zoe Tay, in this 12-episode series. 

Even local football legend Fandi Ahmad could not escape the fate of getting pranked. 

Unprecedented in local showbiz, Sabo will also feature a “prank it forward” segment where celebrities who have been tricked get the chance to prey on the next victim. 

Watch local celebs get Sabo-ed in new Toggle original series

MediaCorp “Duke” Ian Fang is well known for his swag and confidence, so who would have imagined the actor being fooled by Sabo's perfectly executed prank?

In the first episode, Ian was invited to take on an English-speaking theatre role as a blind man who is in love with a married teacher. During the “rehearsal”, the 25-year-old delivered his lines with never-before-seen passion, which brought hilarious results when he found out that it was a set-up. A self-proclaimed expert prankster, Ian revealed in an earlier interview that Sabo was the first time he was completely tricked.

With the pranking baton in his hands, Ian arranged a hot date for his poor buddy Shane Pow with a girl who has a “deep dark secret”, one that promises to be side-splittingly funny. 

Veteran artistes Chen Hanwei and Zoe Tay may be BFFs, but that did not stop the former from planning a mischievous prank on Ah Jie. In the finale episode, Zoe was shocked speechless by a crazy chef and “special ingredients” during a food tasting session invited by Hanwei. If you are in need of a good laugh, you wouldn’t want to miss Ah Jie’s priceless reaction to the gags. 

Watch the first episode of Sabo (starring Ian Fang) here. For more information, check out the official website!

From today onwards, a new 10-minute episode of Sabo will be released on Toggle at midnight every day. Stay tuned to check out how the artistes were pranked as well as their hilarious responses!

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