What are Xiaxue’s social media pet peeves?

Online personality Xiaxue shares more about her attempt to shed tears for her first acting role, and tells us what is the most ridiculous thing she has seen an influencer do


Photos: Toh Zi Yi, Xiaxue/Instagram

When it comes to the world of online fame (or infamy), one name comes to mind almost immediately – Xiaxue (also known as Wendy Cheng). The 33-year-old first became known to the public in 2003, when she started an online blog. Readers became attracted to her outspoken and no-holds-barred writing style, and she soon became one of the first full-time online bloggers in Singapore.

14 years later, Xiaxue has since welcomed her first child, Dashiel Sayre (also known as Dash), 4. She has also ceased blogging as frequently, moving on to other social media platforms that have since popped up, namely Instagram and Twitter where she has a combined following of over 900,000 followers, as well as YouTube, where she has over 200,000 subscribers. 

Other than branching out into making YouTube videos, Xiaxue also has her eyes set on conquering the acting world, having landed a lead role in the Toggle Originals series, LifeSpam. With her bright pink hair and oh-so-trusty mobile phone in hand, Xiaxue’s portrayal of Selfie Sara, who’s well and truly enamoured with the world of Instagram likes and online validation is spot-on. 

Though this may be her first time trying out acting (she previously had a guest-starring stint in xinmsn web series Let’s Play Love back in 2011), the 33-year-old shares in an interview with Toggle that she has always wanted to venture in the world of acting, adding that Sara sounded like a fun role to portray.


We dropped by the LifeSpam set during the filming of Sara’s fairytale-wedding-gone-wrong one Saturday afternoon and witnessed a dramatic breakdown on set. When the clueless DJ accidentally plays a “diss track” written about her by her husband-to-be, Henry (played by Andrew Lua), Sara’s world crashes down right in front of her eyes, culminating in a tear-filled confrontation between the couple.

While the script originally called for Xiaxue to cry as her character comes to terms with what happened, she shared that she was ultimately unable to do so, and had to resort to wielding her impressive makeup skills to create a tear-stained makeup look on the fly.

“I asked Andrew how he cries on the spot, and he said that actors actually use several methods, from using eye drops to thinking about something that’s very sad or emotional to you,” the first-time actress let on. “I tried [my best to cry], but somehow, having a film crew waiting for you to cry is very difficult, and I just couldn’t [seem to get the tears to flow].”

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