Xu Bin rates his vocal skills a 3/10

The duke confesses that he is not a professional singer, although he plays one in upcoming Xinyao drama Crescendo 

Xu Bin rates his vocal skills a 3/10
Photos: Dion Tang
Video: Teng Siew Eng

As actors playing the younger version of Cynthia Koh and Tay Ping Hui’s characters in upcoming Xinyao-themed drama Crescendo, both Bonnie Loo and Xu Bin, were dressed in retro outfits to film a campus singing competition for the drama, at Tanglin Community club, on Tuesday. She had a huge flower brooch pinned on her midi floral frock and he was decked head-to-toe in denim, just like teenagers living in the 1980s

Prior to their interview with Toggle, both actors had to perform a song on stage as their characters in the drama. Despite their past experience as contestants on Channel U singing reality show, Campus Superstar (Xu Bin joined the contest in 2007; Bonnie joined the contest in 2013 and was crowned the winner), both felt that they were still lacking in certain areas as performers.
Unlike Bonnie and Brian Ng (he plays the younger version of Christopher Lee in the drama) who will sing for their own characters, Xu Bin’s voice will be dubbed over by a professional singer called Elton from Ocean Butterflies Music Company.

Explaining that it was a decision made by the crew from the start of filming, Xu Bin, who started learning the guitar six months ago, said, “I love to sing and play the guitar, but when it comes to putting on a professional performance, I have to admit that I’m not able to perform as well as the other actors.”

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The 26-year-old even poked fun at himself and rated his singing skills a three out of 10, saying that he is “nothing like” his capable character in the show. “Chu Fan is also known as ‘Talented Fan’. He’s good at composing songs and he has a really impressive singing voice.”

His inability to compose songs in reel and real life hasn’t stopped him from trying though. Since the release of first single Ji Fen Zhi Ji in February this year, Xu Bin revealed that he has been trying to write his own songs – but with little success thus far as they were all rejected by his company. His guitar coach Roy Li even told him that his songs sound “dated” and come across as if it is “written by someone who’s in his 30s and 40s.”

When asked if the audience can expect a full album release from him, Xu Bin replied: “Producing an EP would be much easier than producing an album. An album requires a complete concept, but for an EP you only need to compose the song and release it as it is.”

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