Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu not each other’s ideal type

The two celebrity friends spill the beans on how their ideal type should be

Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu not each other’s ideal type
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While MediaCorp artistes Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu may share a close bond and have good rapport with each other on and off screen, they recently proclaimed that they are not each other’s ideal type as a romantic partner.

The two casually joked about being each other’s dream guy and girl during the press conference of Channel 8’s upcoming drama, Life is Beautiful, held last Friday (Feb 13). However, in their interview with xinmsn after the event, the two quickly denied what they said on stage.

Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu not each other’s ideal type
Known to have good chemistry as an on-screen couple in Bountiful Blessings in 2011, Ya Hui and Jeffrey would play a couple again in the new drama. In the teaser video played at the press conference, the two were seen to be a bubbly, whimsical and humorous couple in the show.

However, Jeffrey shared that the two are simply good friends in reality.

Having experienced unpleasant friendships in the past, the actor revealed that he is now mindful of those around him and would keep a distance from them. Yet, Jeffery is glad that Ya Hui is a buddy whom he can talk to freely and openly – even to the extent of discussing about the traits of their ideal partners.

Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu not each other’s ideal type
In his interview, Jeffrey also spilled the beans on his and Ya Hui’s preference for their other halves.

“We talked about our ideal types and I know that she likes older men who are more mature,” he said without hesitation. As for himself, Jeffrey shared that he likes women with a lean figure.

Ya Hui and Jeffrey Xu not each other’s ideal type
On the other hand, Ya Hui, who joined Jeffrey in the interview, proved her good friendship with Jeffrey by repeatedly teasing him.

Dressed up in character as Cai Jiajia, an obese girl in the show, Ya Hui did plenty of comical poses during the interview and even asked for Jeffrey to give her a hug, drawing laughter from him.

Jeffrey also exposed that Ya Hui was very cheeky on set and was ‘completely uncontrollable’. “She would only stop (playing) when she starts to sweat,” he said.

Though Ya Hui seems comfortable in her role, the actress said she does not wish to act as a fat person anymore as she had gone through a difficult process of gaining extra pounds and was made to wear a heavy outfit to look like an obese person.
This article is translated by Isadora Ong.

Catch Life is Beautiful when it premieres March 5 on weekday nights at 9pm on Channel 8.

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