Yao Wen Long welcomes second child

The MediaCorp actor now has a family of four, which includes his wife and firstborn son

Yao Wen Long welcomes second child

Yao Wen Long welcomed his second child yesterday (Nov 3), almost a decade after the birth of his son, Yao Jian Yu.

The 44-year-old actor, who is currently working on filming upcoming Channel 8 drama House of Fortune, shared with Toggle that his daughter’s original due date was on Nov 9, but that the SG50 baby was so eager to greet the world that she popped a week early at a healthy 2.555kg.

His 33-year-old wife delivered their bundle of joy through natural birth around 4 pm yesterday but checked herself in to the hospital at around 7 am while Wen Long was busy filming on set.

“The production team agreed to let me take a break from Nov 6 to 11 so I’ve been rushing all my scenes in the recent days. My wife was very understanding and didn’t force me to be at her side (when she went to the hospital),” he explained.

The MediaCorp artiste continued, “My mobile was with me all the time and I’d call her once I had time. I knew that she was about to deliver when she didn’t answer the phone.”

Yao Wen Long welcomes second child

Wen Long made a beeline for his home after filming wrapped at 4 pm to pack clothes and other necessities before heading to the hospital but received a text from his wife while bustling about in his house that she had already given birth.

Although he wasn’t physically present during the delivery, he quipped that he doesn’t find it a pity. “I was around for the entire birthing process the first time. This time, we’ll just take it as fate (that I couldn’t be there),” he mused.

As for his little princess’s name, Wen Long revealed that his hectic schedule has caused the couple to be unable to find time to decide on a name just yet. “I’ve discussed a few names with my wife but we’re still not fully satisfied (with what we had). We’ll think harder in the coming days and consult a master to see if what we came up with is suitable,” he revealed.

His mother-in-law will be in charge of looking after his wife in the near future as Wen Long will be shuttling between his filming schedules and keeping a watchful eye on his bird’s nest store. Chuckling, he declared, “I’ll give her more bird’s nest so that she can regain her health at the soonest.”

Now that nine-year-old Jian Yu is a big brother, his proud father shared, “I told him the good news over the phone and he’s very happy – he says he wants to go to the hospital to see his sister. He still can’t enter the nursery so he’ll be under the care of my wife’s friend for now.”

House of Fortune debuts Jan 19, 2016, 9 pm on Channel 8.

This story is translated by Lee Wei Lin.

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