Yeo Yann Yann seduces Julian Hee with her cleavage in their new movie

The award-winning Ilo Ilo actress takes on a sultry role for a change and shares a sexy bathroom scene with Julian Hee 

Yeo Yann Yann seduces Julian Hee with her cleavage in their new movie

Photos: Dang Hui Ling and Golden Village Pictures
Video: Charlene Chong and Tan Shi Qi

Award-winning Malaysian actress Yeo Yann Yann challenged her personal limit of showing skin onscreen in her new movie Rubbers, a quirky local sex comedy set to hit local cinemas at the end of the month.

At the film’s press conference on Monday, Yann Yann joined local writer and film director Han Yew Kwang and leading actors Julian Hee, Alaric Tay, Ooh Shu An, Marcus Chin and Catherine Sng in dishing out some interesting episodes during their filming process.

Dressed in a white body-fitting tank top and denim shorts that were like a pair of undies in the film, Yann Yann raised temperatures when she boldly showcased her cleavage and preyed on her co-star Julian.

The Ilo Ilo lead actress had forgone her emotional role to play a single and lonely woman named Baoling who writes reviews on different types of condoms. Desperate to satisfy her sexual desires and write a new review, Baoling attempts to seduce hunky and charming plumber Thor, played by Julian.

Yeo Yann Yann seduces Julian Hee with her cleavage in their new movie

Being one of the rare sex-related local productions, Rubbers is rated R21 for its sexual innuendos and display of sex positions that string the film together. Yet, its daring and humorous approach was popular amongst locals at the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) last year, leading it to be one of the fastest-selling and most highly-acclaimed shows at the prestigious event.

Apart from the pair’s smoking performance in their short sequence titled The Plumber, the three-part film, based on the theme of condoms, also consists of two other bizarre stories to tickle its viewers.

One of them is Balloons, a tale of a middle-aged married couple, played by Marcus Chin and Catherine Sng, who rekindle the spark in their lackluster sex life when Marcus chances upon a condom and was reminded of the couple’s younger days.

The show then leads into Nightmare, a story about playboy Adam (played by Alaric Tay) who gets his just desserts for disliking the use of condoms when he meets AV actress Momoko (played by Ooh Shu An).

Breastfeeding gave her a good figure

Speaking about her daring and skimpy look in Rubbers, Yann Yann initially joked that it had given “depth” to the film, but later said in a serious tone that her voluptuous figure was due to her breastfeeding her baby girl Vera Ma.

Having undergone a caesarean section to deliver Vera, she initially did not wish to resume her acting career that quickly as she needed to recuperate her weak health conditions. She eventually accepted Yew Kwang’s casting offer as they have collaborated in several projects before and share a close friendship.

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