YES 933 DJ Siau Jiahui is expecting a September baby

The radio deejay is expecting her first child after getting married in November last year

Photos: The Celebrity Agency

Guess who’s the latest celebrity on the Hill expecting a bun in the oven? YES 933 DJ Siau Jiahui shared the news through an unconventional approach during a radio show via Facebook LIVE video with fans.

Currently in her second trimester, the bubbly deejay shared that having a baby was always in the plans: “We wanted to have a baby ever since we got married,” she said in a phone interview with Toggle.

“We hoped for it to be a honeymoon baby since it’d be nice to say it was ‘made in Italy’, but it is ‘made in Singapore’” said the deejay, who tied the knot in November last year.

Jiahui first discovered that she was pregnant when she missed out on a menstrual cycle. After her mother – who based it on her “woman’s instinct” – told her that she was pregnant, Jiahui bought a pregnancy test kit and subsequently visited the doctor who confirmed the good news.  

“We weren’t over the moon when we found out about it since we already had a hunch that I’d be pregnant,” she added.

Jiahui shared that the baby’s gender is currently unknown, but quipped that she is open to having either a boy or girl, especially since she intends to have two kids in future.

The only downside of pregnancy for now is bloating, fatigue, craving for fried food and an increase in appetite. “I get really hungry easily these days which is why I bring bread with me everywhere I go. I had to eat about five meals a day in the beginning,” she said.

Thankfully, she’s been spared from unnecessary weight gain despite her huge appetite and has only gained less than 1 kilogram so far.

The secretive deejay shared that her husband and her are excited to welcome this new addition to their family and revealed that it will be a September baby. 

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