5 facts about Lee Yeon Hee

The Korean actress was in town for the first time to launch SK-II’s Change Destiny Garden festive collection

5 facts about Lee Yeon Hee

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Korean actress Lee Yeon Hee has plenty going for her – at the ripe old age of 26, she’s acted alongside some of the biggest names in the industry (Hyun Bin, Song Seung Hoon, So Ji Sub & Lee Seung Gi), starred in numerous music videos (the latest being S.M The Ballad’s ‘Miss You’) and even featured on one of Hallyu superstars Super Junior’s tracks.

In Singapore for the first time to unveil SK-II’s Change Destiny Garden festive collection, the stunning beauty fielded questions in group interviews before being whisked away to the launch, somehow managing to squeeze in an outfit change in-between.

Being a part of the S.M. Entertainment family – which counts BoA, TVXQ!, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation as part of their stable – it was no surprise that questions that were deemed inappropriate were axed even before getting translated.

Despite all that, we’ve put together a list of things that you might never have known about Lee Yeon Hee.

She doesn’t play favourites

Having starred alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, one would wonder who she’d like to cozy up on-screen with next. Taking a moment to ponder after laughing over the question, she mused, “I got surprised by this sudden question (laughs) – well, it’s honestly really hard to pick only one (actor).”

Now that we think of it, it’s hard to get starry-eyed over anyone when you’ve starred alongside some of kimchiland’s finest.

5 facts about Lee Yeon Hee

Her independence makes her who she is

“To be able to stay for a long time in the industry, you have to have your own confidence, a unique name and strong character,” Yeon Hee mused.

“I don’t have a specific mentor (in the industry) but I always feel like it’s a struggle to (stay motivated), so I expose myself to good books, travel around a lot and engage in a variety of energizing activities so that I can be more experienced.”

She’s very much sheltered, even after 13 years in the industry

Prior to the interview, we were briefed that questions about her agency – Girls’ Generation was named as one of the big no-no’s – would not be entertained.

Questions about her weak points in acting, which of her fellow SK-II ambassadors she’d like to work with (namely Godfrey Gao, Tang Wei and Cate Blanchett) and what she would name her autobiography were also unceremoniously rejected.

What beauty means to Lee Yeon Hee

“Inner beauty is the most beautiful – and you have to be filled with confidence to show it,” she declared. As a celebrity, however, she has an image to maintain, which she revealed that she does so by never leaving the house without lip balm, a minimum of one lipstick and SK-II’s Pitera Essence, which she puts into a small bottle and uses as a mist.


Beauty is her greatest asset

“When I first took the SK-II magic ring test after I hit my 20s, I discovered that my skin age was actually 19 – something I have to thank my parents for giving me,” she quipped. Maintaining her radiant complexion, however, is more than just keeping up with her skincare regime.

“I usually listen to loud and fast music and work out on the treadmill in order to relieve stress,” she explained, adding that drinking a lot of water also helps to keep her skin glowing.

“I like European countries in general but I love Paris the most – I like the sense of freedom and individualism and I can feel an added layer of inner beauty emanating from myself.”

SK-II’s Change Destiny Garden festive collection is now available at all SK-II counters.

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