Aaron Yan may flaunt his chiselled abs at a-nation Singapore concert

The Taiwanese singer has been diligently working out at the gym in recent years.

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Set to rock fans this Saturday at the a-nation Singapore concert, Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan will join other Japanese acts such as Ayumi Hamasaki and R&B hip hop group m-flo for Japan’s largest summer festival in Singapore.

Promising to do his best to heat up the crowd, Aaron told xinmsn in an email interview how he felt about taking part in the concert for the third time.

“It is very special this time as it is the first time the concert is brought to Asia (including Singapore and Hong Kong). I feel like I have grown together with a-nation,” the singer said.

Although he has performed in several live gigs, Aaron has never watched himself perform live and felt it would help him improve if he did.

When asked if local fans will have the chance to see his toned body at the concert, the 28-year-old, who has been diligently working out in the gym in recent years, laughed and replied, “If I get to wear outfits with less cloth, I would not mind giving everyone a peek! If not, then I’m sorry. It is after all more pleasant and surprising if everyone gets a peek without me intentionally showing it, right?”

The heartthrob also added that he has been snapping photos of his abs after hitting the gym but “they are just to monitor the progress of my training”.

Despite the recent Hollywood phone hacking scandal, Aaron said he is not worried that his photos will be leaked as he is often careful about where he leaves his phone and gives it a complicated security password.

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Going solo taught him to be responsible

It’s been three years since boy band Fahrenheit went their separate ways and it was only after going solo that Aaron realised “how huge the stage is”. The former Fahrenheit member said, “In the past when there were four of us, we could get the crowd going very quickly. Now I have to work even harder to take charge of the stage.”

Furthermore, he has also learnt to be true to himself and be responsible for his actions.

“I feel that responsibility is most important, and also the element that is most different after one grows up. When you’re young, your parents, teachers or crew members will lead you and you will not know how to complete a task on your own,” Aaron revealed.

Now that he is on his own, he has a better idea of his goals and is determined to achieve them – be it in terms of performance or his body.

The actor drew parallels between training his body and other matters in life where “one has to persevere no matter what obstacles one may face”.

“As long as you work hard enough, you will breakthrough one day,” he said.

a-nation Singapore concert will be held this Saturday (Oct 18) at MasterCard® Theatres, Marina Bay Sands at 5pm. Tickets are priced at $248, $198, $158 and $138.

This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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