Aloysius Pang hopes to break out of rebellious roles

The MediaCorp duke wishes to take on a role closer to his actual age 

冯伟衷怕被定型 狂练拳击手语钢琴抢出位1

MediaCorp “duke” Aloysius Pang made waves in nearly all the dramas he been in, from It Takes Two (2012) and I’m In Charge (2013) to the recently-ended Against the Tide (2014). But all these roles had one thing in common – he always played a rebellious teen.

Speaking of this typecast, the 24-year-old told xinmsn at the imaging session for his latest drama Tiger Mummy, “I have been taking on roles of a rebellious kid ever since I debuted. I hope to play someone closer to my age one day.”

Aloysius admitted to finding it increasingly difficult to pull off such roles without portraying them in the same way and he had to work extra hard to study each character more carefully.

“Maybe it’s because of my looks that I’m not getting those roles [nearer my age]. The producers probably feel that I’m not ready yet,” he explained, confident that he will those roles will one day come his way.

冯伟衷怕被定型 狂练拳击手语钢琴抢出位2

Taking extra lessons to upgrade himself

In Tiger Mummy, Aloysius plays an arrogant chap with a bursting ego named Chen Hao Lian (pun intended by the Singlish term ‘Hao Lian’). He is an all-rounder with good results and has a black belt in Taekwondo. Revealing that it is a complete opposite persona from his quiet and reserved self, he foresees an uphill battle.

To prepare for his role, the production crew had arranged for him to take Taekwondo lessons and Aloysius hopes to master the moves by the end of it. Although the Noontalk Media artiste is unfamiliar with the sport, martial arts isn’t all that foreign to him - he has been taking American boxing classes for more than a month.

Having grown up watching American boxing movie Rocky (1976) starring Sylvester Stallone, the amateur shared, “The movie is very inspirational and it motivates me. But I only signed up for lessons a few months back.”

The young lad is also learning to play the piano and sign language in the midst of acting classes to pick up some techniques which may help in future roles. A regret he had was not having enough time to brush up his swimming skills for his character in It Takes Two – one who possess amazing swimming abilities.

“When I was told that he could swim very well, I panicked because there was not enough time for me to prepare myself. I have since changed my thinking – if I learn the ropes now and keep practising, I will be able to use them when the opportunity arises.”

冯伟衷怕被定型 狂练拳击手语钢琴抢出位3

Aloysius is one of Ian Fang’s competitors

Joining Aloysius in Tiger Mummy is fellow “duke” Ian Fang, who plays his elder brother Chen Hao Wei. Interestingly, his character in the show is also a stark contrast from his usual confident self.

“He always gets bullied by his boss at work and can never do things right. He is someone who does not have pride at all,” Ian told us in a separate interview, evidently “uncomfortable and not used to” wearing geeky glasses with neatly tucked shirt and pants. To immerse himself in the character, the actor watched several movies and observed a close friend who fits the personality of Hao Wei.

Being part of the MediaCorp’s 8 Dukes and having collaborated in several dramas such as World At Your Feet and Served H.O.T, both Ian and Aloysius have accumulated much chemistry and “love acting together”.

Although both named themselves as their biggest competitor, Ian added, “It is better if you put me, Aloysius, Xu Bin and Shane Pow together [on the same page] as we are of similar ages.”

Catch Tiger Mummy when it premieres on 20 April 2015 on Channel 8, Mondays to Fridays at 9pm.

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This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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