Andie Chen: Baby Aden earns more than his mummy

The actor will reprise his role as Hong Dang Yong in the The Journey: Our Homeland

Andie Chen: Baby Aden earns more than his mummy
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MediaCorp actor Andie Chen has had much to cheer about this year. His first child, Aden was born in June and has since become the 29-year-old’s beacon of hope.

Following his stint as the passionate revolutionist Hong Dang Yong in Channel 8 blockbuster drama The Journey: Tumultuous Times, he will be reprising his role as a matured and worldlier version of his character in the final installment of the three-part series, The Journey: Our Homeland.

Focusing on Singapore’s development from 1966 to the 1980s, Our Homeland boasts a star-studded cast including Rui En, Rebecca Lim, Felicia Chin, Shaun Chen, Zhang Zhen Huan and Romeo Tan, among others.

Andie will take on the role of a father for the first time in his role and expressed in an interview with xinmsn, “This role is really timely and I’ll bring my feelings I have in real life for my son into filming.”

Andie Chen: Baby Aden earns more than his mummy
With Andie and his wife, Kate Pang, constantly updating their social media accounts with pictures of baby Aden, the chubby tot has been revealed to be receiving an influx of advertorial offers. The actor revealed that he recently shot an ad in Taiwan for MasterCard, where he turns into Super Dad and changes Aden’s diapers and the commercial is currently airing in Singapore and Taiwan.

With a chuckle, the baby daddy confessed that baby Aden “earned more than his mummy” for his first taste of showbiz. Despite his debut in the limelight, don’t expect to see baby Aden’s face smiling at you from all corners of our sunny island. “Filming takes the entire day and you can’t really rest, so (Aden) was really tired after shooting wrapped. He won’t be filming too many (ads) because health comes first,” Andie mused.

Furthermore, he added that both he and Kate are extremely cautious when it comes to their endorsements. “As celebrities, we feel that we have a responsibility to society and we’ll question the advertisers before we accept their offers. Some of them have even been chased away by our persistent questioning and we’ll only go for names that we’re using and know that we can trust,” he added.

While Aden has yet to reach a year old, his parents have already thought way into the future for their little boy. “Kate and I are really open-minded so we’ll support him if he wants to join showbiz when he grows up,” Andie declared.

Andie Chen: Baby Aden earns more than his mummy
Andie and Kate decided to be based in Singapore, a decision that the former is ecstatic about. “I’ve been busy with work ever since getting married and I’ve been flying all over the place. We haven’t had a stable home and as a father and a husband, I feel that that wasn’t practical,” he mused.

After making the big decision, he pooled money with his family and bought a large apartment, in which the family of three lives with his parents and brothers. Despite the teething problems that they are facing with Taiwanese-born Kate and Aden having to acclimatise to Singapore, he professes to blissfully enjoying the feeling of the entire family living under one roof.

“Coming back to Singapore is really comfortable. I’m close to my family and have a good relationship with my older and younger brother. I can fool around with them and discuss work-related issues with them once I’m back,” he added.

With regards to his missus, Andie confirmed that she is currently negotiating her contract with MediaCorp and is looking forward to returning to the small screen at the soonest. “Kate’s focus is on being a mother so she’ll put Aden first even when she gets back to work and cut down on her workload,” he shared.

Andie Chen: Baby Aden earns more than his mummy
The two’s self-created YouTube channel, Kandie Network, is still going strong with the couple uploading videos sharing their life as new parents. The script, filming, editing and sound are Andie’s labour of love, and the actor confessed to enlisting his wife’s help when it comes to tasks such as prop sourcing or scheduling.

Andie explained, “I majored in Film Studies so I didn’t want to let my knowledge go to waste. I’m starting afresh from the most basic filming and editing.” He has quickly become addicted to his work and declared that he “will retire” from acting as his long-term goal is to move his focus to behind-the-scenes work.

Apart from his directorial efforts, Andie will also be taking on another challenge in the New Year with the confirmation of his role in a yet-to-be-named upcoming Toy Factory Production musical.

How confident is he for his upcoming gig? “I can only say that I’m worried (because) I don’t want to ruin their name,” he quipped. Grinning, Andie added, “I’ll give it a shot since they’ve actually dared to cast me.”

The Journey: Our Homeland debuts July 6, 2015 on weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8. Visit the show’s official site for more information on The Journey trilogy.

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