Charmaine Sheh marks return to TVB on a triumphant note

The TVB actress bagged top honours at the annual StarHub TVB Awards Ceremony for her turn as an undercover cop in the widely-raved Line Walker

Charmaine Sheh marks return to TVB on a triumphant note

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It was sweet success for Charmaine Sheh last night, at the StarHub TVB Awards 2014, as she walked away with two awards for her undercover cop role in Line Walker (the My Favourite TVB Female TV Character award and the most coveted My Favourite TVB Actress award).
The petite actress who marked her return to the TV station with this widely-raved and top-performing series clearly still has got what it takes, even after a two-year absence from TVB shows.
“I think I’m really lucky [to have won these awards] and I feel I have lived up my own and the audiences’ expectations [with my return],” she said. “It makes me happy to know that I did not disappoint them.”
Awarded the Singapore Media Favourite TVB drama award, Line Walker, according to Charmaine, was “a huge headache” and bogged down by a few problems during their shoot. They had injured and sick people on set, work schedule clashes, and Charmaine herself had to deal with actions scenes while tending to a delicate hand injury.
The hand injury is completely healed too, Charmaine reassured. “I lead a tough life. (Laughs) It was painful when was filming (Line Walker) but the pain went away after the show wrapped and I started work on a new drama. I initially wanted to take a break [because of the injury] but there’s no time (or excuse) to rest now,” the workaholic jokingly lamented.
Heartened by the audience’s support and the drama’s high viewership, she added: “It was so tough but I think we rode through it together and the biggest award for us is to see the end-product so well-loved by the audience.”
Apart from the outpouring of love and support, the next best thing about filming in Hong Kong is the feeling of home it gives her too. “At least I can go home to sleep every night and I’ll get to see my mum every day,” she quipped with a smile.

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Line Walker co-star Sharon Chan glowing in love and luck
Line Walker co-star Sharon Chan glowing in love and luck

Another Line Walker cast member who walked away with the My Favourite TVB Supporting Actress award for her role in another drama, The Ultimate Addiction, is the newly-married Sharon Chan. The actress who just got married 10 days ago in Bali said she had shelved aside her honeymoon plans to attend this awards ceremony instead.

Sharing on her newlywed bliss, she said, “A lot of positive things have happened to me this year. For example I got married, I have won an award and I’d be opening a bakery [with my friends] soon to sell cookies.”
When asked if her marriage and plans to start a family would take precedence over work, Sharon replied: “I hope that I can have a family of my own in future too, but probably not now.”
With a new business and drama project on the horizon, the svelte actress joked that she’d be morphing into a “workaholic” soon, with no time for rest.

Black Heart White Soul walks away the biggest winner for the night
Black Heart White Soul walks away the biggest winner for the night

Another well-raved TVB production that went home the biggest winner at the award ceremony is Black Heart White Soul, a thriller series starring Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin and Ron Ng. The two leads each bagged an award in the My Favourite TVB Males and Female TV Character category and won the My Favourite TVB On-Screen Couple award for their pairing in the show.
Kristal heaped praises on her affable co-star and called their collaboration “one filled with sparks.”
“We supported each other in a lot of scenes and if there was ever a best partner award, I hope we’d get it.
Roger agreed with his co-star and shared that he “really wanted to win” the couple award because of his strong chemistry with Kristal. “Of course I’ve had worked with many different actress over the years. But it’s not easy for two actors to come and work together as it all boils down to fate. This is a rare and good opportunity for us to work together.”
Fellow TVB colleague, Linda Chung, whose recent collaborations with Ruco Chan saw her stand in chance in bagging the On-Screen Couple award too, admitted defeat at Matt (Roger) and May (Kristal)’s coupling in the show. “They’re such a sweet couple and in Black Heart White Soul, their characters go through so much together. They really deserve it. And to be honest, I really love this award because this is like a teamwork award.”

Relive the glitz and glamour again and catch the encore telecast of the Red Carpet Special on October 18, Saturday, at 8pm, and the Awards Presentation at 9pm on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855).

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