Chris Wang prepares himself for fatherhood

The father-to-be plays nanny to his niece to prepare himself for the arrival of his daughter

Chris Wang prepares himself for fatherhood

In a shocking but brave revelation, Taiwanese actor Chris Wang announced at the Golden Bell Awards in October that his girlfriend Xiao Jian, who is also his manager, is four months pregnant. But the 32-year-old revealed they have not started planning for their wedding.

In town on Sunday (Dec 7) to promote his latest drama Aim High, Chris, who had previously said they will tie the knot after May 2015, told xinmsn in an interview, “Everyone kept telling me to invite them to our wedding in May but in actual fact, it will be after that. As for when exactly, we have not decided yet.”

The two have been working together for five years and went public with their relationship after being spotted at each other’s homes last October. Praising Xiao Jian for being a thoughtful girlfriend, he shared how she encourages him whenever he meets with obstacles.

“Xiao Jian not only cares for me as a partner at work but also as family, she knows just how to console me.”

As to how he intends to prepare for fatherhood, Chris currently plays nanny to his niece to learn the ways of being a good father.

He laughed, “Playing with kids is an interesting thing to do. But when we engage in some dangerous acts, although the child will feel happy, I will think to myself whether that is appropriate. I observe how my niece reacts when I play with her so that I know how to have fun with my daughter in future.”

WATCH: Chris Wang is training to be a great father!

Chris Wang and girlfriend Xiao Jian
Choosing passion over family ties

In Aim High, Chris plays an ambitious and all-rounded young man who excels in his career. In real life, he shares a similar trait with his character - one who pursues his dreams. But the difference is how he faced difficulties while doing so.

The carefree lad had long dreamt of becoming a traveller and took the first step by recommending himself as a suitable candidate for the hosting job on Taiwanese travel show The King Of Adventure on the programme’s online forum after watching it on television in 2002.

Surprisingly, Chris got the nod and had the honour of hosting the fourth season of the show. But all these did not come without sacrifices.

He recalled, “When I hosted The King Of Adventure for the first year, my salary that year was only NT$60,000 (approximately S$2,500) and I had to take up odd jobs at the same time. It was really tough.”

His family members strongly objected to his decision as they had expected him, like other males in Taiwan, to share the financial burden of the family by starting a business or finding a job with a stable income.

Yet, the hot-blooded youth stayed true to his passion, taking on lifeguard courses and surfing lessons to de-stress. “Instead of encouraging myself, I tend to run away but it made me clearer of what I really want.”

Guessing that his unborn daughter will be as commanding and efficient like Xiao Jian, Chris also hopes that she will be a “king of adventure” like he is.

This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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