Christopher Lee: Zed’s too smart to fool

The local actor played host to Taiwanese actress Tian Xin and spoke of love, future plans and of course, baby Zed.

Tian Xin (left) and Christopher Lee (right) were in town to promote their drama A Good Wife
Photos: Lee Wei Lin
Videos: Teng Siew Eng

Singapore power couple Christopher Lee and Fann Wong welcomed their first child, Zed, on National Day this year. While the happy parents have been constantly updating their respective social media accounts with pictures of their bundle of joy, it seems that they can’t quite get enough of their Zedzed. (Zed’s nickname as given by Fann)

Even before our interview with Christopher and Taiwanese actress Tian Xin, who are in town to promote their drama A Good Wife, at No Signboard Restaurant yesterday (Dec 10), the pair were chatting animatedly about – you guessed it – Zed.

Revealing his unique method of feeding Zed while Fann is busy working on her drama, My Secret App, Christopher chuckled, “Apart from providing breast milk, I can pretty much do everything.”

“Sometimes, I’ll purposely put the milk bottle near my chest area when I’m feeding him and try to see if he knows (that it’s different) or not. Let me tell you – he’s too smart and there’s no way to fool him. He can clearly distinguish between breast milk or formula milk.”

Tian Xin chimed in, “He said that (Zed) would move forward to drink but would recoil once he took a sip.”

But to Christopher, Zed is not only smart, he is also his “lucky star”. After winning the Best Actor trophy for his role in A Good Wife at the Golden Bell Awards in October, Christopher credited his win to the “good luck” Zed has brought him. Hopefully some of that luck will rub off on Tian Xin, who is nominated for Best Actress for her role in the same drama at tonight’s (Dec 11) Asian Television Awards.

Christopher Lee and Tian Xin
While the pair declared each other to be “good friends who get along well”, the two might not cross reel-life paths anytime soon. Christopher shared that he’s “concentrating on being a good baby-daddy right now” and will only start to plan for his 2015 projects next month.

He did, however, add that he will be shooting a local drama next year, a move that he says will also enable him to spend more time with his son.

Tian Xin, however, stressed that work still comes first for her and that the mystery man she was rumoured to be dating is “just a friend”. “Right now I’m just getting to know more people and having more friends and I hope that I’ll have the courage to experience more,” she mused.

“Getting married and having kids is something that scares me and I haven’t made any plans just yet. I’m too selfish and I’m enjoying a carefree life right now; the responsibility is something I’m not ready for yet,” the 39-year-old confessed.

“Besides, just look at Christopher. His son is only a few months old and he’s already worrying that he’ll ignore him when he reaches his teens,” she chortled. “I told him, this is something we all did when we were at the age – bottling everything up and not telling our parents.”

In a look of mock despair, Christopher retorted, “We’ll just have to leave it to fate. (Zed), love your daddy and mommy a lot, okay?”

A Good Wife is slated to air on Channel U in 2015.

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