Elva Hsiao on Singaporean men: Skinny, gentlemanly and nice

The Taiwanese diva avoided talk on her Singaporean beau, but shared her thoughts about local men

Elva Hsiao

Photos: Dion Tang
Video: Tay Yixuan

As part of its fifth anniversary celebrations, ION Orchard flew American rock band Daughtry and Taiwanese diva Elva Hsiao to Singapore for a series of events yesterday.

Former American Idol finalist Chris Daughtry, founder and frontman of his band, returned to our sunny shores for the fourth time on Tuesday and for once, he had the opportunity to explore the island, which includes enjoying a sumptuous dinner at Dempsey.

Unlike in the past where Chris had to buy extra suitcases for his purchases, the self-confessed shopaholic has since stopped buying souvenirs for his family. “They don’t appreciate it, so I don’t give them that option anymore,” the humourous rockstar quipped during the press conference.

Besides divulging his guilty pleasure, the 34-year-old, who has been “drawing and painting since he was five”, also showcased his artistic side by putting the finishing touches – that is his favourite superhero Batman – on a painting from the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

Chris Daughtry

While Elva was originally scheduled to participate in the activity with Chris, the Mandopop songbird, who landed in Singapore two days ago, arrived fashionably late (close to an hour, to be exact) as her manager and make-up artist’s flight to Singapore was delayed yesterday.

Even so, the 35-year-old singer did her part for charity by completing the painting, which was held for a charity auction at ION Orchard’s closed-door gala event where she performed at in the evening.

Although our session with Chris was unfortunately called off at the last minute due to his packed itinerary, xinmsn managed to capture some insights on Elva’s love life and entrepreneurial endeavour during a group interview with the singer.  

Elva Hsiao

Elva Hsiao in talks to bring fashion label to Singapore

Amid rumours of her budding romance with Singaporean heir Elroy Cheo, 31, who happens to be Vanness Wu’s brother-in-law, Elva was recently photographed kissing her new beau at a shopping mall in Hong Kong, which indirectly brought their relationship to light.

As one may have guessed, everyone’s attention yesterday was centred on her love life. Now that she has found herself a Singaporean boyfriend, does this trip feel extra special?

“I’ve always liked coming to Singapore. There are different things to be happy about,” Elva calmly remarked, without any mention of Elroy.

She also brushed off comments about visiting her future in-laws, who are residing in Singapore. “Nah. Everyone’s thinking too much! (Then what did you do these past few days?) I went shopping. I came to ION too, and bought so many cosmetics at Sephora!” she exclaimed.

In addition, Elva let on that she was mainly busy with discussions to bring her self-established fashion label Carry Me, which she calls her “baby”, to Singapore.

With more responsibilities to shoulder, the multi-hyphenate has devoted “a lot of time and effort” in developing her fashion business – the brand will soon enter a shopping mall in Taipei while its flagship store will be expanding to include a café.

Recent reports also claimed that renovations for her new home in Taiwan are underway. Has Elva considered investing in Singapore property, especially when her other half’s family is based here?

“We’ll talk about that in the future,” she plainly replied.

Elva Hsiao

No flash marriage for Elva

Singapore may be known for its absence of paparazzi, but in Elva’s opinion, anyone can be one these days, no thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and social media. While the 35-year-old is getting used to the attention, she hopes for more space for her private life.

In love, Elva is courageous and “manly” as she makes decisions by following her heart.
“Be it family, friendship or working relationships, I’m a straightforward person. When I decide that someone is a good friend, I will be very dedicated,” she revealed. “I work very hard to maintain a relationship. If we are really not meant for each other even after my attempts, then I’d have to let go when it is time to [do so].”

Celebrity flash marriages have made headlines over and again this year. Could that be on Elva’s cards?

“When I look at my friends, I think their unions are beautiful and I’m happy for them. But when I look at the work I have on hand, especially Carry Me that is still in its infancy, I plunged back to reality and all thoughts [of settling down] disappear,” the singer laughed.

When asked to share her opinions on Singaporean men (ahem), Elva said: “[As compared to Taiwanese men] Singaporeans seem to be skinnier? Perhaps because people perspire more? It is really warm here and the food is quite spicy too.” Right.

In terms of personality, her local male friends were complimented for being “gentlemanly and nice”.

At the end of the interview, xinmsn took a long shot by asking the songstress for her thoughts on her ex-boyfriend Kai Ko’s sentence for his marijuana abuse case, and was immediately declined a response by her manager. “Everything that I have to say about it has been said previously,” Elva concluded.

A non-ticketed fashion concert featuring Daughtry will be held at ION’s outdoor public square, at 7pm tonight. 

WATCH: Chris Daughtry and Elva Hsiao showed off their painting skills!

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