Felicia Chin is tickled by Romeo Tan’s moustache

The local actress takes on her first period drama in The Journey: Tumultuous Times

Felicia Chin
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In her first project after rejoining MediaCorp in March, local actress Felicia Chin took on her maiden period drama role as Zhang Min in Ch8 blockbuster series The Journey: Tumultuous Times. While speaking to xinmsn at the press conference on Wednesday, the 30-year-old let on about her numerous emotionally intense scenes in the drama.

Caught in a love triangle with Hong Dang Yong (Andie Chen) and Zhang Yan (Romeo Tan), Zhang Min is a passionate school teacher who leads her students in protests against colonial rule.

Initially, Felicia was worried about acting as Hong Dang Yong's childhood sweetheart in her and Andie's first film collaboration. To her surprise, Andie took initiative to text her and discuss their roles before filming commenced, which left a good impression on the actress.

The relationship between Felicia and Romeo’s characters is at the other end of the spectrum. Crazed by his “love” and possessiveness, Zhang Yan locked his non-blood related cousin Zhang Min in an abandoned building, where he sexually assaulted her.

“Everyone was very serious, but there were also some comedic moments,” Felicia recalled. “I was completely enveloped with emotions, but when Romeo leaned in to forcibly kiss me, I burst out laughing!”

And the reason for that is because of Romeo’s facial hair. “When he is tired, his moustache grows very fast. We filmed that scene in the afternoon and his moustache had grown out by then, so it felt very ticklish!” she chuckled.

Andie Chen, Felicia Chin and Romeo Tan in The Journey: Tumultuous Times. (Photo: Channel 8)
Although Felicia claimed to have good chemistry with Romeo, the actress was “awakened by his kiss” and could not stop laughing even after several takes. In the end, Romeo had to shave on the spot before filming continued.

However, the giggly actress insisted that there was no awkwardness as she is very close to Romeo in real life. “It makes filming easier when we are familiar with each other. Actually, I am glad that Romeo is my co-star because we communicate well,” she added.

But Felicia chose to keep details about the rape scene from her mother. “I like to give my mum surprises. (laugh) I don’t want her to think too much, so I’d usually tell her after filming wrapped,” she explained.

When we brought up Joanne Peh’s rape scene in The Little Nyonya which won her the “Best Actress” trophy at the Star Awards 2009, Felicia said that the most important thing is for viewers to support The Journey: Tumultuous Times.

“This is my comeback project and I think all the actors did a great job. I haven’t really thought about it (Star Awards), but it would definitely be a huge encouragement if I do get nominated,” the actress humbly replied.

Felicia Chin
Three months of filming in Ipoh certainly forged a strong bond between the cast of The Journey: Tumultuous Times. In a group chat among the actors, Andie often shared photos and videos of his four-month-old son Aden, which seemed to have triggered Felicia’s motherly instinct.

“I’ve always wanted to have a baby! When I see Andie and my friends who became parents at a young age and have a lot of energy to look after their kids, I’m a little envious, to be honest,” she confessed.

Nevertheless, being surrounded by friends who are married with children also meant that Felicia has “many babies to play with”, which has satisfied the busy actress for now. 
This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

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The Journey: Tumultuous Times premieres November 24 at 9pm on Ch8.

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