Giddens Ko has full confidence in Kai Ko

As if Giddens Ko isn’t busy enough dealing with negative reports, the Taiwanese author-director wants to help his mentee Kai Ko move on from the drug scandal

Giddens Ko

After making headlines for the wrong reasons, Taiwanese author Giddens Ko (better known as “Jiu Ba Dao”) has been on the receiving end of widespread criticism in recent months. However, the You Are the Apple of My Eye director is not about to give up on his craft because of detractors.

In town for BookFest@Singapore 2014 last week, Giddens opened up about the negative reports surrounding him, during his interview with xinmsn.

In October, the 36-year-old admitted during a press conference that he had cheated on his girlfriend of nine years, Xiao Nei, after he was caught visiting a motel with an unnamed long-haired lady. The woman was later revealed to be Taiwanese news anchor Chou Ting Yu, who has interviewed Giddens on numerous occasions.

His reputation took a severe beating as members of the public berated the author, who is famous for his sugar-coated love stories, for his philandering ways.

“To me, it’s easy to be honest. But I later realised that being frank would hurt many people. From then on, I have learned to keep silent about such things,” Giddens shared. “Actually, sometimes it takes more courage to be silent than to come clean.”

Giddens Ko spoke at Book Fest@Singapore last Friday. Photo: Flame Communications
As a public figure, the well-versed writer is aware that this scandal will be remembered for a long time and that he will indefinitely face criticism from everyone. “However, I don’t want the lives of the other parties involved [in the incident] to be affected,” he emphasised.

Barely two months later, Giddens was accused by Taiwanese media of “acting like a diva” on a flight. The multi-hyphenate allegedly complained about the quality of the inflight meal as well as the uncomfortable seat, and even requested for a free upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class.

Calling these reports “nonsensical”, Giddens insisted that he is a “very welcomed guest” on flights. “I have never asked for a seat upgrade. The air-stewardesses would treat me to ice cream and I often take pictures with the cabin crew!” he exclaimed.

Additionally, Giddens took a jab at himself and asked: “I’m so short. Do you think the seat would be too small for me?”

Although Giddens has asked for corrections to be made on the reports, he is convinced that the damage to his faltering image has already been done. “When people start to dislike me, they will be very willing to believe these negative rumours,” said the author.

Instead of wallowing in depression, Giddens has, however, decided to face his problems with positivity. In his opinion, he has a long journey ahead of him and so he should continue to walk on with faith. Unfazed by his troubles, the director hopes to encourage others with his life story.

“When people see me still hanging on after going through so much s**t, they will feel that their circumstances aren’t so bad after all!” he self-deprecatingly added.

Giddens Ko
Giddens Ko wants to help Kai Ko move on from drug scandal

Giddens isn’t the only one associated with You Are the Apple of My Eye that has landed in hot soup this year.

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, male lead of the movie, was arrested alongside Jaycee Chan for marijuana abuse in August. After spending 14 days in a Beijing detention centre, the 23-year-old’s prosecution was deferred for two years, while he has to comply with rehabilitation procedures in the meantime.

In a bid to rebuild his image, Kai has been actively engaging in healthy activities such as basketball tournaments. According to Giddens, the Tiny Times star is in “great shape” and has stopped going to clubs.

While talking about Kai, Giddens let on that he is currently preparing a talk for the actor so that the latter could share his experience with people who are going through the same ordeal.

“I believe that his story will touch many people’s hearts. Even though he seems to be a silly guy, he really wants to do well this time!” the director reiterated. “The society has always been overly harsh on people who make mistakes. We should give everyone a second chance. I have full confidence in Kai.”

This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.

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