Girl-next-door Chloe Wang moves towards sexy concept

The Taiwanese actress finally flaunted her assets in a bikini for the first time since her debut 15 years ago

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After her showbiz debut 15 years ago, Taiwanese actress Chloe Wang finally threw aside her worries and inner struggles to wear a bikini for her latest Taiwanese drama Constellation Women Series – Aries Woman. Calling it a breakthrough, Chloe told xinmsn in an interview that “it was about time to do so, after beginning her acting career when I was a little over 10”.

The 28-year-old was in town for an imaging session for local drama 118 and she shared her preparations for her first ever bikini scene.

“I have been training and doing TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) to work towards ab lines,” Chloe said.

王乐妍首穿比基尼 欲拍内衣广告 4
照片取自于《星座女人系列 – 牧羊座》剧照

(Photo taken from Constellation Women Series – Aries Woman cast photos)

Although she is still shy of her goal, the sweet-looking girl-next-door was confident of her body and is open to a sexier concept in future. “If there is an opportunity, I will not rule out endorsing lingerie as I will be able to see a different side of me. I guess I can try that out at my age.”

The actress-singer managed by Left Profile had changed both her English and Chinese name last year in hopes of boosting her career, and the change from ‘Cynthia Wang Xin Ru’ to ‘Chloe Wang Le Yan’ certainly worked and she has since landed several dramas and hosting opportunities.

Her family fully supports her venturing into sexier concepts too as she laughingly shared, “My dad supports me in everything I do. But when I’m in bikini or kissing passionately in a drama, he will close his eyes and pretend not to see it.”

Not awkward kissing Xu Bin

Having acted in two local dramas previously – Devotion in 2011 and Joys of Life in 2012, Chloe is no stranger to Singapore. Nonetheless, it is still her first “official” collaboration with MediaCorp duke Xu Bin even though they had met each other two years ago while acting for local movie Timeless Love.

“I had met him previously but I have not much of an impression [of him] because we had no scenes together,” said Chloe who played Aloysius Pang’s grandmother. The actress was perplexed when crew members told her she was playing lovers with “her grandson” as they had remembered their roles wrongly.

It was only until Chloe met Xu Bin that the “truth was out.” To make things a little awkward on set, the two had to film a kiss scene for the drama opening scene immediately after their brief meeting.

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So how did it turn out for Chloe, who had to take the initiative for the scene?

“Not [awkward] at all, maybe jie jie (older sister in Chinese) has more experience! (chuckles) Fortunately, I was the more active party in two of my recent Taiwanese dramas,” she explained.

WATCH: Chloe Wang takes initiative to kiss Xu Bin

An avid gamer since young

Besides taking her acting career to another level, Chloe also started hosting a gaming variety show Game GX this January with Taiwanese host Lin Yu Chih to introduce the latest games in town. A self-professed gamer since young, she shared some of her favourite games with us excitedly.

“I have been playing games since the Family Computer (by Nintendo) era! I’m currently playing ‘Boom Beach’, a tactical game where one has to conquer islands and save the innocent,” said Chloe, whose eyes lit up as she spoke of it.

While she’s a gamer, she’s not one who’d forsake sleep or food for games. The foodie gobbles down her food and at her worst - had two to three hours of sleep a day for four days, just so she could “turn someone into a celebrity” in the game ‘Star Dream’.

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(Photo taken from Chloe Wang's Facebook)

Although Chloe is not new to hosting, Game GX is an entirely new experience for her as she gets to dress up as different gaming characters.

“I have no special liking for Cosplay (role play), I am extremely excited to transform into different characters every week, something I cannot do in dramas or other jobs,” Chloe said.

Always game to try new outfits, she has donned wigs of numerous colours and even wore elf ears, not forgetting to share photos of her “unusual” self with fans on social media platforms.

Catch 118 on Channel 8 when it airs on October 20 on weekdays, from 7.30pm to 8pm.

In collaboration with chat service LINE, Channel 8 has released the first set of 118 celebrity stickers today. The second set of celebrity stickers will be released at the end of the year in conjunction with the festive season.

Endless laughter among 118 cast

This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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