Girl’s Day: A group of playful tomboys

The K-pop girl group talks about their fans, how they’ve grown since their debut, and their ideal Girl’s Day out

Girl’s Day: A group of playful tomboys
Hyeri, Minah, Sojin and Yura.

If you want to catch the attention of Girl’s Day (particularly that of member Hyeri) at their upcoming KStar Fanfest showcase, it’s simple: be a girl.

“Since we have so many male fans, female fans catch my attention,” wrote the maknae (youngest member) of the K-pop quartet in an e-mail interview.

But don’t worry, boys, there’s more than one way to stand out from a crowd of DAI5Y (their official fan club name) devotees – Minah, Yura and Sojin all cited concertgoers who cheer with vigorous enthusiasm as attention grabbers, with Sojin adding, “Or eye-catching boards with our names on it!”

Girl’s Day has certainly come a long way since they first burst onto the scene in 2010 with ‘Tilt My Head’, which proved to be a less-than-stellar debut effort. Then, just two months later, Yura and Hyeri replaced original members Ji Sun and Ji In, who left to pursue their own interests (another original member, Ji Hae, would also depart in 2012).

A new single ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ and their first TV show We Are Dating followed, but it wasn’t until the release of ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ in 2011 that the lasses finally started picking up speed in the vicious race of Hallyu popularity. Now, they’re one of the names to take note of in an oversaturated market, churning out mega-hits like ‘Something’ and ‘Darling’.

“First of all, we all turned into adults,” said Hyeri, when asked how the group has changed since their humble beginnings. Sojin elaborated, “We’ve become more mature and passionate towards our career.”

But there is still, of course, plenty more room to grow, as they acknowledged. “We have been moving forward step by step and I want us to continue growing constantly,” said Minah. Hyeri expressed her desire to keep delivering great songs to their fans, and Yura wants to experience new things.

Sojin, ever the thoughtful leader, shared that in addition to being successful as a band, she hopes that the individual members of Girl’s Day will thrive in their solo activities as well.

We don’t think she needs to worry about the latter wish not coming to pass. All four girls are already establishing themselves in areas outside of singing, with acting, hosting, song-writing and variety show ventures already tucked neatly under their belts.

Read on to find out what a perfect Girl’s Day out would be, who are the most and least girly members of the group, and more:

Girl’s Day: A group of playful tomboys
Girl's Day.

What can fans expect from your ‘Everyday’ concert at KStar Fanfest?

Hyeri: We prepared many songs as this is our first performance in Singapore.
Sojin: We’ll be presenting a show that’s pretty much similar to the ones we have shown our fans in Korea.
Minah: Fans can expect to have great time together with us.
Yura: Do look forward to a great performance! [Heart icon]

Since this is your first time in Singapore, is there anything you’re excited to do here?
If we have time, I want to go sightseeing.
Hyeri: I’ve heard so much about Singapore being a good place to live in and having many pretty places, so I want to take a walk down the street.
Sojin: I want to visit an open space where I can admire Singapore’s beautiful nature.
Yura: I just really wanted to visit Singapore.

What are your thoughts whenever you see covers of your songs by fellow artistes or fans? [Ed note: Their song ‘Something’ was recently performed by TVXQ’s Changmin, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho and EXO’s Suho at this year’s SMTOWN concert in Seoul.]
Minah and Yura: Very thankful and proud!
Sojin: It’s very interesting.
Hyeri: It means that they really like our songs, which makes me feel happy and quite marvellous.

Besides singing, what other activities do you hope to dabble in next?
I’ll do my best with whatever’s given to me. [Another heart icon]
Minah: I’m having great fun with what I’m doing now and I want to grow more in those areas.
Hyeri: I took on my first drama two years ago (Father and Daughter) and I’m trying out another one now (SunAm Girls’ High School Detective Team), which I want to show a better side of myself in.
Sojin: I would love to appear in a good movie or to try being a radio deejay!

What would be a perfect Girl’s Day out to you?
It would be like how it is right now – being with the members, dear staff and dear friends.
Minah: Hunting down restaurants with lots of good food!
Yura: I want to eat lots of meat.
Sojin: Achieving great works together with the members and staff.

Who is the most girly member of Girl’s Day and why?
Sojin. I think her attractiveness comes from her age (28).
Hyeri: I agree. She also has very girly characteristics.
Sojin: Me! I’m just a woman.
Yura: I think we all have our own different girly aspects.

What about the least girly member, or most tomboyish?
Me, because of my personality and the way I act, which I don’t think is very girly.
Sojin: We all have a tomboyish side because we are all very playful.
Hyeri: Yes, Yura is very playful.
Yura: Hmmm, actually all of us are quite tomboyish… maybe Hyeri? She’s very handsome.

Girl’s Day: A group of playful tomboys
Girl's Day.

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Girl’s Day ‘Everyday’ Concert @ KStar Fanfest details

Date: Nov 21 (Friday)

Time: 7pm

Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall C

Ticket prices: S$238, S$198, S$168 (single-day passes), now available on

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