Jerry Lamb discourages Ekin Cheng from having kids

Jerry Lamb is dissuading his buddy Ekin Cheng from having children because he doesn’t want to give red packets! 

林晓峰劝好友不要生小孩 郑伊健:顺其自然1
To celebrate cHK channel’s first anniversary on SingTel mioTV, Hong Kong movie stars Ekin Cheng and Jerry Lamb arrived in Singapore last weekend for a series of promotional activities.
Buddies for over two decades, the duo had no qualms poking fun at each other (and their friends who were not present) during their interview with xinmsn.
Call it nostalgia if you will, but scenes of the classic Hong Kong film series, Young and Dangerous, which also starred Jordan Chan, Michael Tse and Chin Ka-lok, started flashing across our minds when we were seated in the same room as Ekin and Jerry.  
Although the five of them do not meet up often, their enduring friendship has reached a point where they don’t have to specially put in effort to maintain it. “We may not organise gatherings regularly, but whenever we see each other, it feels like we’ve gone back to the Young and Dangerous days,” explained Jerry.
林晓峰劝好友不要生小孩 郑伊健:顺其自然2
Besides their brotherly bond, what is one thing that has not changed over the years?
“47-year-old Ekin Cheng is still as childish. He plays mobile and computer games all the time, just like a kid,” Jerry laughed.
On the other hand, Ekin pointed out a significant change about Jerry. “He used to be very strict [with his sons]. Now, I see them playing badminton together like friends,” he shared.
In their opinion, however, the one with the biggest change in personality would be Jordan, after he became a father last year. Unlike his fiery temper in the past, the actor mellows down immediately at the mention of his one-year-old son Jasper Chan these days.
With Michael preparing to welcome his first child next year, Ekin is the only member in the group who has yet to start a family of his own. While we imagined that Jerry would persuade his buddy to speed up on his baby-making progress, the 44-year-old shook his head and said: “He’s the only one among us that is not a dad yet. When our kids go to his house, they will get red packets. If he has a child, we have to give red packets. That’s a bad deal!”
When Ekin tied the knot with actress Yoyo Mung last January, it was reported that the couple reached a consensus not to give birth because they were worried that the next generation will suffer in the “complicated world”.
During the interview, Ekin hinted at his change of mind, stating that he does not rule out having kids. “It’s not that I don’t like children, but I’m letting nature take its course,” he reiterated, while expressing his happiness for his good friends who have entered a new stage in life.
林晓峰劝好友不要生小孩 郑伊健:顺其自然3
Ekin’s role as Chan Ho-Nam in Young and Dangerous, a series that spanned five years between 1996 and 2000, left such a deep impression on the audience that it also, unfortunately, caused the actor to be typecast. As a result, Ekin was subsequently dropped from projects and endorsements, sending him into a slump.  
As years went by, the optimistic chap no longer dwells in the unhappy past. “Life is extreme. When you are doing well, you do fantastically well. When hard times hit you, life gets really tough,” Ekin said. “There will be ups and downs in life. Looking at it from a different perspective, how would you learn to treasure the good times, if you hadn’t been through the rough?” 

This interview is translated by Dang Hui Ling.
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