Khalil Fong happy to be Fiona Sit’s “bosom friend”

But the Hong Kong singers do not share everything with each other

方大同乐当薛凯琪“闺蜜” 不反“占中”望世界团结1.jpg

In town for his first full-fledged concert in Singapore tomorrow, Hong Kong singer Khalil Fong took time off for an interview with xinmsn on Wednesday (Oct 8) right after his flight landed. The singer, who has hardly had a single scandal since his debut 10 years ago, laughed when asked about fellow singer Fiona Sit calling him her “bosom friend”.

“I think it’s very appropriate!” he said.

Rumours of pair being an item have been spreading for years and fans have even teased Khalil about his goody-two-shoes personality that besides dabbling in music and having his meals, the rest of the time is spent on Fiona.

While this is partly true, he revealed that she does not share every single thing with him.

“She may have her deepest secrets that I feel she won’t tell anyone, not even her best friend. Everyone has things that they can or cannot reveal,” Khalil added.

As to fans who hope that they can get together, the 31-year-old shared, “It is interesting and we find it funny when fans at my concert shout for us to date. But if they do that throughout the entire concert, I would probably be annoyed.”

方大同乐当薛凯琪“闺蜜” 不反“占中”望世界团结3.jpg

Flexible schedule after owning a recording studio

Having set up a recording studio “Lightroom” three years ago and his own soundcrew “People Recording Cooperation”, the singer-songwriter finally has more control over the direction of his music, and his time.

“It is a fun experience to me. Although there will be new challenges in being a boss, having my own music haven to create and experiment is very satisfying,” Khalil shared.

His schedule has also become more flexible where a typical day starts at around 7am and ends at 11pm, a luxury compared to the first eight years of his career where he had to accommodate the schedules of other recording studios and work till wee hours as a result.

But he is certainly not slowing down because of that. In fact, Khalil shared that he has already arranged for special collaborations for his next album and hopes fans can wait patiently for that.

Hopes the best for Jaycee Chan

When asked if he has any news about his buddy, actor Jaycee Chan, who was detained in August for possession and consumption of marijuana, Khalil said that he is worried about the latter and has not been able to contact him since.

“I am not someone who gets surprised easily. I just feel that this is a serious incident for him and I hope he can resolve it.”

Speaking about the ongoing “Occupy Central” protests in Hong Kong, the American-born Chinese expressed that he feels everyone is entitled to their beliefs as long as they do not hurt anyone.

Sharing that he belongs to the Baha’i religion where they believe in the unity of people, the singer was upset when he saw friends quarreling over the issue and affecting their friendship which he feels is “not worth it”.

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This interview is translated by Jovina Ng.

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