No May-December romance for Myolie Wu

The Hong Kong actress chooses to let things take its course in matters of the heart

Myolie Wu

Following her high-profile breakup with her boyfriend of eight years, TVB actor Bosco Wong, in 2012, many have been concerned about Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu’s love life and whether she is seeing anyone new.

While she maintains an open mind about meeting new people, and even received flowers from a mysterious “Mr. R” at the Hong Kong airport last Friday (Dec 5) before setting off for Singapore, the 35-year-old maintains a strong stand against dating someone younger than her.

In town to promote her latest TVB drama Lady Sour, Myolie told xinmsn, “Girls are always more mature than guys, and I’m pretty mature too, so it would be better to find someone older.”

Reiterating that she will let things take its course with regards to love and listing “the ability to communicate with the other party” as her only criteria for her future beau, Myolie reveals she still believes in love.

“[But] I’m not someone who fantasises about love and how it should be like. I am rational and have principles about love, like how both of us must be faithful and give our best to each other.”

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Myolie Wu and Ron Ng play a pair of quarrelsome lovers in "Lady Sour". (Photo: StarHub)
Myolie was never neglected by TVB

In Lady Sour, the award-winning actress plays Cao Qing who gets jealous from having to share her husband with another woman. Although Myolie admits to some similarity between herself and Cao Qing in real life, she added, “I will be reasonable and tell the other party directly instead of throwing my temper.”

The drama, which started airing in Hong Kong last week, missed the nomination date for the annual TVB Anniversary Awards ceremony which takes place next Monday (Dec 15), causing Myolie to miss her chance at being nominated.

As a result, talks of her being neglected by the company surfaced however the actress, who will not be attending the ceremony, clarified, “These are all rumours. I have always been working and filming but it could be that these shows cannot be arranged to air earlier, so members of the media thought that way.”

It was reported previously that she will not renew her contract with TVB, which will expires early next year, due to offers of a more attractive pay package and flexible filming schedule in China. However, Myolie and her team are still in the midst of negotiations and “will let everyone know once we reach a decision”.

Raymond Wong
Raymond Wong has no expectations for an award

Joining Myolie in Singapore last Friday was fellow TVB actor Raymond Wong, who was here to promote his latest drama Overachievers, in which he plays a manipulative playboy, Hugo.
The 39-year-old actor, who played a similar role in The Mysteries of Love (2010), had expressed hopes of being scolded after Overachievers airs “to prove that I have succeeded in being the bad guy”.

Raymond told xinmsn he sat down almost everyday with producer Marco Law and the scriptwriter to discuss how to better portray “Hugo” and felt that his hard work paid off after seeing his performance in the final product. “I am satisfied with my chemistry with [co-actors] Nancy Wu, Grace Chan and Power Chan. After seeing the positive comments by netizens, I felt happy too.”

Despite earning a Best Actor nod for his work in Overachievers at this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Raymond has no expectations of a win especially when veterans like Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai, who caught his eye with their outstanding performance in their respective dramas, are in the race too. Nevertheless, Raymond and his co-stars still hope for Overachievers to bag the Best Drama award.

The father-of-two, who was diagnosed in September with Behcet’s disease which causes sores in the mouth, had no choice but to step down from the lead role in drama Captain of Destiny. Learning that “the company can do without me but I’m irreplaceable to my family”, Raymond, who has since fully recovered, now considers his health to be of utmost importance.

Lady Sour and Overachievers are currently airing on TVB First (StarHub TV Channel 860).

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