Perfume levels up with sold out concert in Singapore

Belting out hits from their latest album Level3, the Japanese trio entertained the 1500-strong crowd at their gig

Perfume levels up with sold out concert in Singapore 1

It is of little wonder why Japan’s most influential girl group Perfume’s second concert in Singapore was a sold out gig. Other than being well known for their futuristic concept and well-synchronised dance performance, the bubbly trio never fails to engage audience with their mandatory P.T.A. Corner (Patto Tanoshiku Asobou), which means ‘let’s play along cheerfully’ in Japanese.

The segment, a staple in all of their concerts since 2009, is one where concert-goers get to interact with them.

In town for their gig on Sunday (Nov 2) held at the Resorts World Theatre in Sentosa, Perfume, comprising of Ayano Omoto, Yuka Kashino and Ayaka Nishiwaki (better known as Nocchi, A-chan and Kashiyuka), entertained 1500 fans with a perfect combination of lights and sound, very much state-of-the-art indeed.

The crowd was treated to a mix of old hit songs like ‘Chocolate Disco’ and new ones from their latest album Level3 (2013) like ‘Spring of Life’. It was a feast for the eyes and ears where the presence of loud and strong bass beats did little to drown out the bright voices of the girls.

Perfume levels up with sold out concert in Singapore 2

Perfume’s memorable trip to Sentosa

Touching down on our sunny island the night before their concert, die-hard fans had waited for them at the airport with banners and towels. Their effort certainly did not go to waste when Perfume showered them with plenty of fan service during the P.T.A. Corner.

Sharing about their trip to Sentosa earlier, they visited the iconic Merlion and looked at it from the mouth. Although it was not their first time seeing the Merlion, they revealed the one they had seen previously while on their first concert here in 2012 was much smaller. A-chan even cutely commented on how its teeth had no edges.

To commemorate their time here, they even ate ice popsicles under the Merlion statue, a must-have treat in a tropical country like Singapore.

Perfume levels up with sold out concert in Singapore 3

Some fans, who were present at their first show at *SCAPE, noticed how Perfume’s grasp of English improved tremendously and praised them for their effort.

After their first stop in Taiwan last Friday, Perfume, who debuted in 2005, will be heading to Los Angeles, London and New York next week where it will mark their first performance in the States.

The unique scents of Perfume members

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