Three Wishes is 2014’s most-watched Ch8 drama

The family drama with a dark twist was the top-rated drama of the year, followed by C.L.I.F. 3 and The Caregivers

The family drama with a dark twist is 2014's top drama, followed by C.L.I.F. 3 and The Caregivers

Three Wishes
, C.L.I.F. 3 and The Caregivers – these are the most-watched local 9pm Channel dramas of 2014. This eclectic mix of drama genre best highlights the TV industry’s attempt to serve up a variety of shows that deviate from the usual same ol’ family-themed TV shows in recent years. And if anything, viewers are lapping it up.

Coming in first position is the WaWa-produced Three Wishes (average reach of 1.06 million viewers), a family drama unlike any other done before in Singapore. The drama’s intriguing storyline came with a dark twist involving three mysterious wishing coins and its refreshing concept appealed to viewers. This 9pm show also marked the acting comeback of well-loved Huang Biren, whose presence was sorely missed by viewers during her six years of absence.

In second placing with an average reach of 1.04 million viewers, we have the crowd favourite C.L.I.F. 3, of which its predecessor C.L.I.F. 2 was the top-rated drama in 2013 with 901,000 viewers. While we saw less action from our uniformed men and women this season, fans of the series clearly enjoyed its crime-solving cases which are also based on true stories.

Following close behind with a difference of 20,000 viewers in average reach each is The Caregivers (1.02 million viewers) and Blessings (1 million viewers). While the former told stories and experiences of home nurses and their patients, the latter was a trendier drama that was a hit with viewers thanks to its time-travelling plot.

Top 9pm dramas for Channel 8 in 2014

Over at the 7pm drama timeslot, Chinese period series The First Myth was the most-watched programme with an average reach of 781,000 viewers, followed by Entangled, a MediaCorp Studios Malaysia production, which had an average reach of 775,000 viewers. 

On the variety front, celebrity talk show What Your School Doesn’t Teach You, which featured celebs discussing about all sorts of personal stories – from their first heartbreak to their first relationship, drew the most viewers with an average reach of 950,000. Coming in second and third position are home interior series Please Be My Guest! (943,000 average reach) and the cooking series Neighbourhood Chef (929,000 average reach).

In 2015, look out for these Ch8 shows: The final series in the nation-building trilogy, The Journey: Our Homeland, which is slated for a broadcast in July and year-end blockbuster The Dream Makers 2, a sequel of the wildly popular series that is a reel-life take on showbiz.

Channel 5's Mata Mata 2 featuring Rebecca Lim and Pierre Png

For Channel 5, special programmes such as the countdown show Celebrate SG50 and the 2014 Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix race brought in the most number of viewers in 2014, at 1.41 million and 879,000 viewers respectively. The National Day Parade programme remains a must-watch for Singaporeans, coming in at third position with 838,000 viewers.

For local series, Point of Entry 4, the third sequel about a bunch of police officers working at the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) remains the most-watched programme of the year drawing an average of 386,000 viewers. Other programmes that enjoyed a good run on TV include Minute to Win It (Singapore version) at 370,000 viewers and Code of Law season 2, which is currently airing its third season, at 367,000 viewers.

Hollywood movies continue to be the biggest draw on Channel 5 on Sundays and Saturdays, with The Karate Kid being the most-watch movie in 2014 with 891,000 viewers and 2012 and Skyfall: 007 coming in second and third place.

In 2015, look out for less foreign productions and more local programmes on Ch5: Daily magazine talkshow The 5 Show which is hosted by Chua Enlai and Yasminne Cheng, weekly telemovie specials on Friday nights, and an upcoming long-form drama called ‘Tanglin’ which will debut in June and span a total of 199 episodes (think: the ang moh version of Channel 8’s 118 - but set in the '80s).

Channel U special Star Awards 20 Post Party

Similarly for Channel U, special programmes like the 2014 MNet Asian Music Awards: Main Event, Star Awards 20 Post Party and Project Superstar 2014 Grand Final continue to do well amongst viewers, bringing in an average reach (*P15+) of 690,000, 623,000 and 594,000 viewers respectively. Top dramas of 2014 saw Korean medical series Good Doctor clinching top spot with an average reach of 350,000; it is followed by Tiger Cubs and Wang’s Family at 340,000 and 335,000.

While its top variety series are trumped by foreign productions like The Brain China Season 1, Copycat Singers and China’s Got Talent Season 4, local shows reigned the Top Infotainment/Info-ed series. Hosted by Belinda Lee, Find Me A Singaporean Season 4 is the most-watch programme of the year with 388,000 average reach (P15+). In second placing we have Shoot It 2 at 343,000 average reach and 100% Singapore at 323,000 average reach.

In 2015, look out for these shows: Let It Go, an upcoming WaWa production featuring Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Mindee Ong and Cavin Soh and a transmedia drama project, Angry Feat, which guest stars popular blogger Mr. Brown.

*Ranking of programmes are calculated based on the average number of viewers aged 4+ (or 15+ for Channel U) in a calendar year. All figures are inclusive of non-linear statistics which include xinmsn catch-up and Toggle where available.

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