When dating and working life collide: Kimberly Wang, Shane Pow

The well-loved celebrity couple pair up once again for upcoming Toggle series, Love at Cavenagh Bridge


Video: Philip Ang

Ask and you will receive - the drama gods must have heard Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang's prayers about having no time to date except when they work together as the celebrity couple have been paired up again in an upcoming Toggle Original series, Love at Cavenagh Bridge, following Dance with Me and a brief cameo by Kim as Shane’s wife in Die Die Also Must Serve.

As we're writing this story about how we spent five hours baking under the hot sun in East Coast Park with the duo for a scene on Monday (Feb 26), Kim shared a snap of her and Shane getting comfy in a car to film an endorsement for an isotonic drink - less than 12 hours after they wrapped for the night.

"Working life equals dating life," she wrote. True that. If it weren't for all these opportunities, the 'Powerly' couple won't even have time to see each other.

Thankfully, they're not sick of seeing each other all day, every day for work - for now, at least.

“I will never be sian (bored in colloquial English) of her,” Shane professed during an interview with Toggle. “It’s fun to spend time dating and working at the same time.”

For Kim, having a boyfriend or ‘porter’ around is the best part (or should we say “perk”) about working together. “He helps me carry all my stuff,” she quipped in jest.

In fact, we spied with our little eye, Shane taking on driver duties when they had to move to their next location in Marina Barrage.


When Kim shared pictures of them together on set, fans got excited, thinking the couple was filming a sequel for Dance with Me as the eight-episode series concluded with an open ending for their characters.

“The response has been really, really encouraging, and I’ve been getting messages from people every day saying they want a season two and they have been re-watching the series, shared Kim. “I’m very touched and overwhelmed.”

The two actors expressed interest in doing a sequel, “since there was an open ending, there’s room to develop the story,” Shane added.

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