Baek Sung Hyun bares all for new film

The Korean cutie, together with his leading cast mates, shared how their parents are proud of them for daring to take on their respective roles

Baek Sung Hyun bares all for new film

Photos: Lee Wei Lin, 27th SGIFF, Ho Choon Hiong
Video: Vina Chia

“My parents watched the film and told me that I did well, saying that they now believe that I can make a living as an actor,” Baek Sung Hyun grinned. 

This was not the answer we expected from the 27-year-old former child actor, who stars in upcoming gritty noir film, Walking Street.

Set in Pattaya, Thailand, he, together with leading cast mates Lee Si Kang and Lee Song Lee, spent a good 15 days at the start of the year filming the movie, which premiered on November 25 as part of the Singapore International Film Festival. This also marks the second film that director Lee Sang Woo has worked on with Sung Hyun; their first collaboration was 2015’s Speed.

With its R21 rating, it was unsurprising that nude scenes, along with intimate moments and love-making, were some of the biggest pivoting moments in Walking Street. “Usually, people might not want to show movies like this to their parents but for me, I want to show my parents all sorts of projects that I work on and they felt that I worked really hard for this film. They understood how much I thought and worried about the role and (their reply really encouraged me a lot,” Sung Hyun explained.

“I watched it with my parents and other family members, and instead of focusing on the (nudity), they actually gave me feedback that my acting has improved and tried to point out areas in which I could have done better,” Si Kang, who plays Sung Hyun’s reel-life troublemaking younger brother, added.

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