Did L (Kim Myung Soo) have more fun in Singapore without INFINITE?

The Korean idol tells us how he reacts to negative comments he reads about himself


Photos: Tammi Tan, Woollim Entertainment, MBC
Video: Goh Wen Kai

South Korean idol group INFINITE member L (Kim Myung Soo) was still finishing off his interview with the reporters before us when we entered the room to prep for our turn. Pictures were taken, final words were exchanged – was that Japanese we heard? – and when all seemed clear, we stepped forward to introduce ourselves.

Out of both courtesy and curiosity, we asked him if he preferred us to call him by his stage name L or birth name Myung Soo. He picked the latter. The 25-year-old had shared the difference between these two personas at the press conference the day before his fan meeting in Singapore a couple of weeks ago, explaining that in terms of his singing career, he will still be known as INFINITE’s L, but when it comes to acting credits and other ventures, he uses “Kim Myung Soo”.

We discussed more about his theatrical ambitions during our 15-minute conversation (during which Myung Soo was disarmingly polite, sincere, and – we’re just going to say it – twice as beautiful in person sitting just an arm’s length away). “If there’s one genre I’d like to try next, it would be a thriller, but I will do my best with whatever’s given to me,” he said, before adding with a dimpled smile, “Of course, if I have the chance, I’d like to try them all!”

Myung Soo as Lee Sun in 'Ruler: Master of the Mask' with co-stars Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho

Myung Soo recently ticked “historical” off his genre bucket list with The Emperor: Owner of the Mask. His role as commoner-turned-puppet-king Lee Sun earned rave reviews from critics and audiences, and he was even crowned June’s Actor of the Month by the series’ network MBC DRAMANET. Although his character suffered a lot – and we mean a lot – in the show, Myung Soo reassured us that he himself never experienced any particularly difficult moments during the shoot, other than having to pay extra attention to his enunciation and posture as 18th century royalty.

“A lot of people on the set were very helpful, and I felt like we were all working together as a team,” he said. Myung Soo also didn’t have any trouble getting out of any dark places portraying such a tragic figure could potentially have presented, and instead felt a kinship with his onscreen alter-ego. “I felt like I might have been Lee Sun in my past life.”

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