EXO’s Xiumin announces that he will no longer accept gifts from fans

Fellow members Lay, Chen and D.O. have made similar decisions in the past

EXO’s Xiumin announces that he will no longer accept gifts from fans

EXO’s Xiumin has announced in a letter to fans that he will no longer accept presents from them, a decision that was previously made by fellow members Lay, Chen and D.O. in the past. The post was made on the EXO-L Official Global Fanclub page on February 6, and has received over 190,000 views since.

In his letter, he first spoke about what he has been up to recently, asking fans to anticipate what EXO has in store for them in the coming months. He teased that “this year’s schedule will be even busier than last year’s”, but stopped short at revealing more details.

Following which, he shared, “I wanted to write a message for all of you about the gifts that you’ve been trying to give me. I’m writing this with a grateful heart and that thanks to all of you, I’ve been living well. Since my heart understands your sincerity, I want to receive them all (but) there’s no place to put my feet down at home any longer.”

Xiumin continued, “I won’t beat around the bush and say it directly. From now on, the only thing I’ll receive is your love (…) I think there’s no better gift than your love and concern and rather than receiving material things, I wish to receive long-lasting feelings from you instead.”

Apologising in advance if any fans felt hurt due to his honesty, he went on to say that he’s always wanted to repay the fans for all the love they’ve showered on him.

Ending his letter with “I always see only good things, hear only good things and am always filled with positivity”, he added that fans will not have to wait long for the group to meet them again.

EXO is currently on their concert tour, EXO PLANET #4 The EℓyXiOn, which includes Singapore (March 3) as one of its stops.

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