Girls' Generation's Taeyeon opens up about struggle with mental health

The singer shared more about her battle with depression on her Instagram account


On Sunday (June 16), South Korean singer Taeyeon, who’s a member of idol group Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD) had an “Ask Me Anything” session with her fans on her Instagram account. 

The singer, who’s known for her impressive vocals, answered a wide range of questions that fans posed to her, from what she watched on television yesterday, to more serious topics.

In answer to a question that asked if she was doing well, Taeyeon wrote a simple “no”, hinting that she was not in high spirits that day.  

A number of negative questions were sent in as well, with some asking when she intends to “retire from society”. Another question, which simply read, “Bipolar disorder? Tsk tsk”, appeared to have been sent in after the singer shared that she was not doing well recently.

In response to that question, Taeyeon wrote, “No, I’m currently suffering from depression, and am working hard by receiving treatment to get better. Regardless of whether it’s bipolar disorder or depression, don’t (just go) 'tsk tsk' and give dirty looks. (They’re) all patients who are unwell.”

Following her reply, the singer’s Instagram was flooded with a flurry of supportive and positive posts.

“I’m currently receiving treatment as well, let’s conquer this together,” one wrote. Many others also sent in messages of support. In reply, the singer shared that she gains strength and comfort by communicating with them, and promised to take better care of herself.

Photos: PBE Media

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