GOT7 announce plans for comeback and world tour

Their comeback is slated to be in March, followed by their tour, which will start in May

GOT7 announce plans for comeback and world tour

It looks like 2018 will be a busy year for GOT7 and their IGOT7 (also known as ahgase) as the group confirmed that they will not only have a comeback in March, but also kick off their concert tour in May.

While no details on their comeback have been confirmed, their label, JYP Entertainment, uploaded a video teaser for their concert tour last night. In the original video, locations and dates were revealed, getting fans excited for the upcoming tour.

However, the video was soon deleted, with a replacement uploaded soon after – this time without the dates initially indicated in the original video.

Likewise, GOT7’s official Weibo account posted the list of countries and dates before deleting their post and replacing it with a version sans dates.

GOT7 announce plans for comeback and world tour

According to the original posts, Bangkok will be the first overseas stop with three concert dates, May 11 to 13, followed by Macau on June 2, and European dates from June 6 to 10. That will be followed by a pit stop in Taiwan on June 16 and Jakarta on June 30 before the group heads to the Americas from July 3 to 10.

The last two announced stops thus far are Singapore and Hong Kong, with the dates mentioned to be on August 4 and 24 respectively. There has been no indication if this is the final list, or if there will be additional stops announced at a later date.

Photos: JYP Entertainment

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