Jo Min Ki reportedly commits suicide after admitting to sexual harassment

The Korean actor was revealed to have harassed multiple victims and was due to undergo police investigation later this month

Jo Min Ki reportedly commits suicide after admitting to sexual harassment

The #metoo movement, a social media movement where victims of sexual harassment share their stories of abuse, has been steadily gaining traction in South Korea.

One of the actors who was outed for his past misdeeds was Jo Min Ki, who reportedly sexually harassed students while he was working as a professor at Cheongju University. He was ultimately fired from the institution. At the time, he denied any wrongdoing and said that his physical touches towards his students were “encouraging” ones.

Following which, a theatre actress, Song Haneul, testified that she was also a victim of his abuse when she was a student at the university and added specific details of what she went through when she was his student in a Facebook post.

His company, Will Entertainment, ultimately terminated his contract, and the police confirmed that they spoke to his former students who were sexually harassed by him, adding that they would call him in for investigations sometime this month after they finished speaking to all the victims.

Jo Min Ki was also confirmed to be taken out of his upcoming drama, Children of the Small God, and replaced by another actor.

Today (March 9), news that he was found dead in an apparent suicide by hanging started making rounds on the internet, with reports stating that his wife found him in a storage room next to a basement parking garage.

Preliminary reports stated that there was no pulse detected when medical personnel arrived at the scene, and that he was rushed to Konkuk University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead after efforts to resuscitate him failed.

Photo: Will Entertainment

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