Kang Gary welcomes first child

He made the surprise announcement on his Weibo account

Kang Gary welcomes first child

Kang Gary surprised many in April when he announced through his social media platforms that he was married.

The rapper had made a simple announcement on his Instagram, saying, “Today, I signed an agreement that will last for a thousand years with the one I love. I did not hold a wedding ceremony but a marriage ceremony. My wife is a normal person (…) you may be surprised by the sudden announcement but I hope that you will give us your blessings and hope for a future full of happiness for the both of us. I will live my life well.”

Fans were surprised as many did not know that he was seeing someone.

Today (November 17), he surprised many again with a post on Weibo, which read, “I’d like to share with everyone; this is my son! Please give Gary junior your blessings!” The post was accompanied with a photo of a baby's feet.

Fans have speculated that he had a shotgun wedding back in April, as his child, unless prematurely delivered, would have been conceived sometime in February for Gary junior to be born this month.

Kang Gary is married
Fans are giving me a lot of stress: Kang Gary

Photos: Kang Gary/Weibo, TPG/CLICKPHOTOS

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