Kim Hyun Joong to counter sue ex-girlfriend

The two have been entangled in a legal crossfire after her initial allegations that he abused her

Kim Hyun Joong to counter sue ex-girlfriend

Photo: KeyEast Entertainment

The drama surrounding Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend never seems to end. The artiste enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 12 amidst reports that she filed another lawsuit against him, in which she is said to be seeking KRW1.6 billion (S$1.95 million) in compensation.

In a turn of events, his legal representatives have confirmed that he is in the midst of preparing to counter sue the woman, who has been identified by her surname Choi in media reports thus far.

They shared that documents that she has produced thus far have not confirmed either pregnancy. Continuing, his team stated that she has only submitted their text message exchanges and witness testimonies that her period was late for a month as proof along with her statements to the courts.

Elaborating on the questionable parts of her side of the story, they stated that she claimed to have found out about her pregnancy in mid-May last year but went for an X-ray on May 31 after being assaulted on May 30. In general, it is not advisable for those with child to go for X-rays due to the radiation emitted during the process.

In addition, she claimed that she found out about her second pregnancy in January this year with an over-the-counter pregnancy test, but his legal team stated that gynecologists they spoke to confirmed that it would be unable to confirm pregnancies that early through such kits.

Concluding their statement, Kim Hyun Joong’s legal team stated that the singer’s initial payment of KRW600 million (S$730,500) as settlement will be contested, along with an added amount of KRW600 million as a penalty for breaking the contract of the first settlement, in addition to an amount yet to be decided upon for damaging Kim Hyun Joong’s reputation.

Responding to the allegations, Miss Choi’s lawyers stated that they will strive to reveal the truth in court and prove her pregnancies and miscarriage.

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