Lee Jong Suk unable to leave Jakarta after fanmeeting

The actor posted an update on his Instagram, which was quickly deleted

Lee Jong Suk unable to leave Jakarta after fanmeeting

Korean actor Lee Jong Suk is currently in the midst of his 2018 Fan Meeting Tour [Crank Up], and held the scheduled gig in Jakarta on November 3. The weekend show proceeded as planned, but the 29-year-old seemed to have ran into trouble after the fan meeting concluded.

He posted a photo of what looked to be the inside of Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on his Instagram with the caption, “I've finished my fan meeting successfully with a thankful heart. However, I'm still here in Jakarta with all my staff members. We’ve been here since yesterday…”

“It seems that the promoter YES24 reported lower profits to the tax authorities than what they actually made. We aren’t involved in this but they took our passports and they still haven't been returned to us. I hope that YES24, along with the agents involved (…) find a solution soon. This is the first time I've encountered such a situation so I don't know what to do... (Mom, I'll be late today)”. The post was soon deleted.

A representative confirmed the news, sharing that he was originally scheduled to leave Jakarta on November 4, but was unable to do so due to issues with their Indonesian counterparts. They continued that they are trying their best to resolve the issue at the soonest, and that Lee Jong Suk’s scheduled activities, including filming for his upcoming drama, are being rescheduled accordingly.

The actor was previously confirmed to be the lead of upcoming drama Hymn of Death, alongside actress Shin Hye Sun.

Lee Jong Suk will also be visiting Manila as part of his fan meeting tour, where his show is scheduled to take place on November 18.

Photos: Lee Jong Suk/Instagram

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