Lee Kwang Soo will not be hosting Song Joong Ki’s wedding

The ‘Running Man’ actor was previously rumoured to be the emcee at the ceremony

Song Joong KI

South Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo’s agency has recently shut down rumours about him hosting fellow actor Song Joong Ki’s upcoming wedding on Oct 31.

It was previously reported by Korean media that Song Joong Ki’s wedding to actress Song Hye Kyo would have no marriage officiant. Instead, one of Joong Ki’s good friends would be the emcee to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

This then led to speculations that it was Kwang Soo as he had been Joong Ki’s best friend ever since the pair appeared in the Korean reality programme Running Man together.

However, the actor’s agency has stepped out and refuted these rumours yesterday and said that “while Kwang Soo would be attending Joong Ki and Hye Kyo's wedding, he would not be hosting the ceremony."

No other details have been released by Joong Ki's agency at the moment, other than the confirmation that Hye Kyo's close friend, Ock Joo Hyun, would be the guest singer.  

The couple were also revealed to be heading to Europe after the wedding for their honeymoon and would move into their S$11.98 million house in Itaewon once they were back in Korea.

The actors were also not intending to let marriage slow down their careers as they already had many projects lined up for them.

"After the wedding, we're going to start filming. Both of us have so much work and there is a lot to prepare before the shooting starts,” Joong Ki said.

The couple have already been very busy with wedding preparations since announcing their engagement in July, heading to America for their wedding photoshoot in September and later to Paris for an early honeymoon. The wedding, which would be held at the Shilla hotel, was said to be a low-key event, with very little sponsors and only close family and friends being invited.

Photo: PBE Media

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