Lee Min Ho & Suzy confirmed to be dating

The pair were spotted by Korean news agency Dispatch on multiple occasions

Lee Min Ho & Suzy confirmed to be dating

Photos: TRUGEN, JYP Entertainment

A new power couple in the Korean entertainment industry has been born with the confirmation that actor Lee Min Ho and miss A’s Suzy have been dating for a month.

A report published this morning (Mar 23) by Korean news agency Dispatch included photos of the pair together in London and Seoul. The two headed to Europe for their respective schedules and Min Ho traveled to London, where Suzy was, after they had finished their shoots, where they spent three days together.

The lovebirds are said to have spent time daily after February 23, excluding the two days in which Min Ho was not in the country due to overseas events. They went on to claim that the pair have been dating for about two months.

After a quick check, their respective agencies, Starhaus (Lee Min Ho) and JYP Entertainment (miss A) confirmed the relationship but corrected earlier reports, clarifying that the pair have only been dating for a month.

JYP has also confirmed that miss A’s long-awaited comeback will be unaffected by the dating news, and that they hope for the media present at the group’s showcase to focus more on the group rather than Suzy’s personal life.

miss A is slated to release Colors on March 30.  

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