Rain, Kim Tae Hee confirm marriage rumours

The couple have been dating for five years

Kim Tae Hee and Rain filmed a 'Coupang' CF together in 2011. (Photo: Facebook/SBS PopAsia)

UPDATE (January 17, 12.15 pm): Rain and Kim Tae Hee have confirmed news of an upcoming wedding. The K-pop star uploaded a handwritten letter to share the news that he will be getting married, countering his agency’s previous denial.

In his letter, he shared that he will be a good husband and head of the family, and that Kim Tae Hee has always been next to him in times of happiness and grief.

Industry insiders have claimed that the pair has been preparing for the wedding since late last year, and that only close friends and family members will be invited to the upcoming event.

Rain, Kim Tae Hee confirm marriage rumours
Rain's handwritten letter in which he announced the good news of his marriage. (Photo: Rain/Instagram)

Earlier today, news agencies reported that the couple will be tying the knot in a cathedral wedding on February 19, but the news was quickly denied by Rain’s representatives, who stated that “there are no plans for marriage”, and that the rumours are “baseless”.

This is not the first time the couple has denied marriage rumours, as speculation of a union on Christmas Eve last year also surfaced last November. In a recent interview with Toggle, Rain shared that he will be putting work first and has no plans to settle down in the coming year, but that he will consider marriage in the next six to nine years.

The couple first met while filming an ad for social commerce brand Coupang and started dating in the same year. The filming was done shortly before Rain enlisted in the military in September 2012.

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Rain was baptised in 2014, which some have speculated that was in preparation for his marriage to Kim Tae Hee, who is known as a devout Catholic. Back then, his agency denied that the move was because of Kim Tae Hee, and that it was something that he had planned to do for a long time.

Rain released his seventh studio album, The Best Present, earlier this month, while Kim Tae Hee’s last drama appearance was in 2015 series Yong Pal.

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