Song Hye Kyo, Song Joong Ki marriage will be legally recognised

Are couples with the same surnames allowed to get married in Korea?


South Korean actress Song Hye Kyo announced recently that she will be tying the knot with Descendants of The Sun co-star Song Joong Ki this October after dating for two years, but the ‘Song-Song’ union was frowned upon by skeptical netizens.

One such netizen commented on the actress’ Instagram post and highlighted that according to Article 809 of the Korean Civil Code, it is illegal to marry someone of the same surname and ancestral home, insinuating that the couple should not be allowed to get married as they share the same surname.

However, in 2004, the law has since been changed to allow individuals with the same surname to marry each other, with the exception of child and parent, siblings, first cousins and second cousins.

Furthermore, South Korean television program debunked the rumours of an illegal marriage by clarifying that although the 34 year-old actress and Joong Ki shared the same surname, they do not belong to the same ancestral home, therefore making their impending wedding legal. 

Photos: PBE Media

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