Song Joong Ki wants to protect Song Hye Kyo

The actor reveals the heartwarming reason behind their sudden marriage announcement


Korean power couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo took the world by surprise in the early hours of the morning on July 5, when they issued an official statement through their respective agencies to announce that they were in a relationship and tying the knot in October this year.

Recently, the Korean actor shared with the media the reason behind the couple’s sudden announcement, and even jokingly apologised to the media present for releasing the news at 5 in the morning, even before the world had fully woken up.

The 31-year-old shared that they had initially planned to release the news of their upcoming nuptials after promotions for Joong Ki’s new movie, The Battleship Island had ended. However, as more and more rumours surrounding the couple popped up, Joong Ki suggested to push forward their announcement to put an end to the rumours and to protect her.

The groom-to-be also smilingly revealed that he’s thankful for all the words of congratulations that they have received from the public.

The Descendants of the Sun co-stars have long been rumoured to be in a relationship, and were even reported to have vacationed in a number of countries together, with the most recent being Bali, Indonesia in June this year. Earlier this month (July 5), they announced that they were in a relationship and that they will tie the knot on October 31 this year, to the delight of their fans.

Photos: PBE Media

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