Suzy preempts reporters by mentioning Lee Min Ho

The miss A member opened up about her recently revealed relationship, asking for reporters present to focus on the group for the remainder of the event 

Suzy preempts reporters by mentioning Lee Min Ho

Photo: JYP Entertainment

miss A’s Suzy preempted the media’s questions on her recently revealed relationship with actor Lee Min Ho by bringing the topic up first.

The pair’s relationship came to light on March 23 after Korean news outlet Dispatch uploaded photos of the two together in London. Their respective agencies soon confirmed that they were dating and JYP Entertainment later confirmed in a separate statement that miss A’s comeback would be unaffected by the dating news.

miss A unveiled their new album at their showcase on March 30 and held a media session and many present were curious about Suzy’s blossoming relationship. As such, she started off by thanking reporters for being present at the event despite her making the previous week a busy time for them due to her revelation of her relationship.

She continued by saying that she was aware that everyone was concerned about her relationship but that she wanted to emphasize that the event that day was for miss A’s comeback, which took place after 17 months.

Suzy then expressed her hope that questions during the session would be related to the group instead of her personal life. To satisfy the curiosity of those present, she divulged that the two are progressing well and that she fell for him after discovering that Lee Min Ho’s consideration and warmth for others.

Concluding, she mentioned that the couple would support each other from a distance at this point of time as they are both busy with their respective schedules.

miss A released their mini album Colors on March 30 and will begin promotions with their title track ‘Only You’.

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