Wanna One Members Begin Creating Special Memories

Wanna One Members Begin Creating Special Memories

Wanna One Members Begin Creating Special Memories
Wanna One Members Begin Creating Special Memories

Wanna One members have begun creating special memories with each other.

On August 10, Wanna One was featured on the 2nd episode of Mnet′s Wanna One GO. During the episode, Wanna One members began their 1X1=1 mission, visited an amusement park and revealed behind-the-scenes footage from Wanna One Premier Show-Con.Continuing from the first episode, the members got into pairs that were determined through fan votes and began their 1X1=1 mission. Hwang Min Hyun and Kim Jae Hwan prepared food for surprise visitors to their dorm. While Kim Jae Hwan showed confidence in his cooking skills, he proved to lack in that area by being unable to peel an onion or turn on the stove. The surprise guests were revealed to be fellow Produce 101 Season 2 contestants Yoo Seon Ho, Jung Se Woon, Kim Jong Hyun and Choi Min Ki. As all the boys gathered, they relived Produce 101 Season 2 through sharing food, playing games and catching up.

Lee Dae Hwi and Bae Jin Young enjoyed free time with one another. While visiting a dog cafe, the pair talked about how they first became close and looked back at their time with Produce 101 Season 2. Additionally, they chose clothes for one another and also purchased pajamas for each of the Wanna One members.

Lai Kuan Lin and Park Ji Hoon visited an elementary school to play sports. On the walk to the school, Park Ji Hoon performed his signature popping dance moves for the neighborhood elders. On the other hand, Lai Kuan Lin won chicken for the pair through his basketball skills.

Ha Sung Woon, Park Woo Jin and Yoon Ji Sung were selected to help grandfather Ha Sung Woon. After seeing how hard the members were working, even though they weren′t experienced, the grandfather prepared a BBQ. The members spent a special time while sharing the meal by feeding each other and opening up to one another.

Kang Daniel and Ong Seong Wu traveled to a cafe at the top of a mountain. They enjoyed brunch with a beautiful backdrop behind them and also reminisced about their time with Produce 101 Season 2.

After completing their 1X1=1 mission, all 11 Wanna One members gathered and were surprised with a trip to an amusement park. The members created meaningful memories by visiting a haunted house, riding viking and going on a variety of rides.

At the end of the episode, behind-the-scenes footage from Wanna One′s first debut stage at Wanna One Premier Show-Con was revealed. The energy and passion of the fans were felt through the screens and Wanna One shared their appreciation and love for their fans.

Meanwhile, Wanna One′s reality program Wanna One GO will be back this fall.

Photo credit: Mnet

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