Yoona shares Girls’ Generation’s simple secret to staying close

We spoke to the singer-actress and Innisfree ambassador ahead of her private fan meeting in Singapore


Photos: Innisfree, Instagram/Yoona

We’re not sure if we were the only ones, but being in the same meeting room as Girls’ Generation’s Yoona made us feel as though a spell had been cast over us.

Perhaps it was her doll-like beauty and princess-like poise, or perhaps it was because we were all too aware that we were in the presence of a member of one of the biggest and most successful groups in K-pop, or perhaps it was the both of those. Whatever it was, we found ourselves sitting a little straighter, and feeling a lot more self-conscious (hey, you would be too if you were five feet away from her).

Thankfully, we managed to regain enough composure to do our job. We were speaking to the 28-year-old singer, actress, and visual supreme in a small group interview not long before she was to take the stage for a closed-door fan meeting at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre last Saturday (Mar 30). The event was held by Innisfree - for which Yoona is a long-time ambassador - in conjunction with the launch of their rebranded Green Tea Seed Serum.

The South Korean cosmetics giant could not have found a better representative for its line, and it’s not just because of her porcelain skin. “I’ve been obsessed with green tea as a skincare ingredient even before this item,” she gushed, gesturing towards the table of Innisfree goods in front of her. “I would use teabags as a facial mask.”

Now, Yoona says the ultra-hydrating product is an essential part of her skincare routine, especially after an exhausting day of filming or recording. “Actually, it’s better to try not to get too tired,” she chuckled, when asked how she doesn’t let long hours affect her skin condition. “But if I can’t [avoid that], then I’ll use the serum to keep my complexion glowy and dewy.”


That’s her secret to looking good on the outside. As for how she feels good on the inside despite these insane and sometimes stressful working hours, the right tunes and the right company play an important part.

“I love getting energy from music, whether I’m doing my hair and makeup, or just driving,” she shared, adding that she chooses songs based on the weather. “And if that doesn’t help, then I meet my friends to have really delicious food and just chat.”

Speaking of friends, we had to grab the opportunity to ask Yoona: how have she and her Girls’ Generation bandmates managed to stay so close and chummy after so long, while juggling successful individual careers that take them all over the world?


It’s super simple, really. “Even though we are apart, we try to keep in touch on our social networks or on [instant messaging app] KakaoTalk,” she explained. “That’s why even when we meet up again after a long time of being away from each other, we still feel very close, as if we just saw each other the day before. So that’s how the members manage to maintain a good relationship.”

Can you say #squadgoals? In fact, we’re already looking forward to seeing how the girls show their support for Yoona when her new movie Exit hits cinemas this year (like what some of them recently did for Sooyoung). The upcoming action disaster flick also stars Cho Jung Seok, and marks Yoona’s first time as the lead actress in a film.

As for what other kinds of acting roles she wishes to tick off her career bucket list, she mulled over it before saying, “Actually, there isn’t really a particular type of role that I want to challenge, but if I read a script and find the character very attractive, then I’d want to take it.” We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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