Camila Cabello is a worrier

Camila Cabello admits she "overthinks and worries" about everything and is desperately trying to "love herself a little more".

Camila Cabello is a worrier

Camila Cabello "overthinks and worries" about everything.

The former Fifth Harmony star admits she is "sometimes too hard on herself" but she is trying her best to love herself.

Asked what she sees as her faults, she said: "Overthinking, worrying about things that may not be in my control and not being present. I am sometimes too hard on myself and I get frustrated with how sensitive and emotional I can get, but I'm learning to love myself a little more during the times when I am sad or insecure.

"And I just remind myself that feeling those emotions is just a part of being human, and we have to love all the parts of our humanity, because they're not there to hurt us, they're there to make us understand ourselves a little better."

And the 20-year-old singer says the best advice she has ever been given is that "everything is temporary and life has seasons of its own"

She added: "Everything is temporary and life has seasons of its own. Just like flowers don't bloom all the time, there are moments of sadness and happiness, struggle and joy, and being human means feeling all of it, even in the bad times, so that you're that much more grateful for the good times when they come."

And the brunette beauty knows there is a lot of pressure on women in the industry but thinks it is incredibly performance to "never compromise" if it doesn't feel quite right.

She told the new issue of FAULT magazine: "I think it's important to make your own decisions about what feels right to you and follow your inner voice. Never compromise if it doesn't feel right."

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