Eva Longoria: Motherhood changed my instincts

Eva Longoria says becoming a mother "changed all [her] instincts", as well as making her "moral compass" go "totally bonkers".

Eva Longoria: Motherhood changed my instincts

Eva Longoria says becoming a mother "changed all [her] instincts".

The 44-year-old actress welcomed her son Santiago Enrique into the world with her husband José 'Pepe' Bastón 13 months ago, and has said being a mother has made her "moral compass" go "totally bonkers".

Eva is set to play a mother on-screen in 'Dora and the Lost City of Gold' - which is based on the popular animated children's TV show, 'Dora the Explorer' - and says she didn't realise how much being a mother off-screen would impact her performance.

She said: "It changed all my instincts. My moral compass was totally bonkers.

"I just had new eyes on the world. There was a scene where Michael [Peña, who plays Dora's dad] and I were standing there and Dora runs back into the crumbling temple, and Michael and I were like, 'No, no, no! We would never let our child run into the crumbling temple - that's dangerous!'

"It was against every instinct in my body to not keep my child safe and let her run around the jungle, but it's Dora."

Eva was still breastfeeding Santiago when she shot the movie in Australia last year, and had to keep her tot close by at all times.

She added during an interview with 'Extra': "I was still breastfeeding, so he had to be close to me at all times. When I am directing and producing, he is always with me on set."

Meanwhile, the 'Desperate Housewives' star recently said she feels "pressure" to raise a good man in today's world.

She said: "I feel there's more pressure to raise a good man today in this world and to make sure he understands equality and feminism. But it's not about telling him, it's about showing him in his everyday life.

"I do think there has to be a normalisation within Hollywood to make sure that motherhood is accepted in a wider way. Many times, you no longer get the sexy roles, or you have to take time off until you're looking a certain way."

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