Hugh Jackman wanted as judge on new US talent show

'The Greatest Showman' star Hugh Jackman is being lined up to be a judge on a new TV talent show being developed by 'American Idol' producer Nigel Lythgoe, according to the new issue of America's Star magazine.

Hugh Jackman wanted as judge on new US talent show

Hugh Jackman is reportedly being lined up to be a judge on a new talent show being developed by Nigel Lythgoe.

The 69-year-old British TV producer - whose previous successes include UK TV show 'Pop Idol' and 'America Idol' - is developing a top secret television project for US audiences and he has earmarked 'The Greatest Showman' star for a spot on the panel due to his Hollywood and musical successes.

A source told the new issue of America's Star magazine: "He sees Hugh as the ultimate feel-good judge, and they both share a love of dance, so they've been kicking around some ideas.

"Hugh's 50 and realising his days doing stunt-heavy action flicks are numbered, so going in a different direction and tapping into his theatrical side might not be so bad. Plus, he loves mentoring up-and-coming actors, and he could potentially earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode."

Since hanging up his adamantium claws as Marvel Comics anti-hero Wolverine, Jackman has been embracing his musical side and he is heading out on his 'Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show' world tour in 2019 which will see him perform songs from his stage and screen musical projects and share stories about his incredible career.

Speaking about his excitement, Jackman said: "I'm so lucky that I get to do movies and theatre but it's not every day I get to do arenas and go around the UK and Ireland. You're gonna hear songs from 'The Greatest Showman', from 'Les Mis', from stuff I've done from the last 25 years on stage, in the West End and on Broadway. You're gonna hear a lot of stories about myself. It's very self-indulgent, the entire thing. It's all about me. It's about the first 50 years of my life. I'm going to dance and sing and pretend that I'm 30. I'm going to have an orchestra, dancers, singers. When I go to any kind of show, I love that sparkle where I feel like something happens that night that doesn't happen any other night, so that will be the goal."

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