Regina Hall says Girls Trip transformed her career

'Girls Trip' actress Regina Hall has admitted that starring in the Malcolm D Lee-directed movie has transformed her career.

Regina Hall says Girls Trip transformed her career

Regina Hall thinks starring in 'Girls Trip' has transformed her career.

The 48-year-old actress - who starred alongside the likes of Queen Latifah, Tiffany Haddish, and Jada Pinkett Smith in the comedy movie - thinks she's benefited from "an incredible time of opportunity" in the movie business.

She shared: "I was telling my publicist that I've found out about a lot more parties that I didn't know about. I was like, 'Wait, what are these events? Where are these invitations that I've never heard of?' There's a whole other level to the business.

"So, yeah, I think so. It's an ongoing thing for any person because, yes, it's been a great year, but there are still so many incredibly talented people out there that are also great for different roles. It's wonderful. It's been an incredible time of opportunity."

Regina also revealed she still dreams of working with the likes of Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese.

Speaking about her future ambitions, the actress told Collider: "I love Chris Nolan. I always talk about him. I've tried to stalk and meet him, but it hasn't worked out yet. I'm gonna find him, though. And Martin Scorsese is great.

"There are just so many. It's like naming who you want to work with that's an actress. I would leave the room and think of five more that are amazing and be like, 'Dang, how did I not say them?!' But I'd love to work with those greats whose work impacts you."

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